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Handle and Cleaning of Milk Jars

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Mar-31-2011

Handle and Cleaning of Milk Jars

1. You will need to purchase glass jars and lids though us for $4 per jar. Each share will require 4 half gallon jars. Two will be brought to the pick up site cleaned, dry and ready for filling and two will be picked up full of milk. We recommend you purchasing a few extra so that you don’t have to clean jars at the last minute.

2. Cleaning is very important. You cleaned jar will sit with the lid on for a week before being filled with fresh milk. If the jar is not cleaned and dried well it may take on an odder that will affect your milk. Please make sure you jars are clean and dry before returning them.

~ Washing dairy with warm water (not hot or cold) is the best way to get the residue out. Then clean in dish washer.

~ Inspect your jar before returning it to the drop site. If it has any smell other than clean, it needs rewashing.

3. Make sure your name is clearly marked on the jar lid for easy identification.

4. If a jar breaks during your pick up it’s your responsibility. You will need to handle the clean up at the pick up site.

5. If you don’t return empty jars we will “loan” you jars for up to one week. After that we will need to switch to plastic.