Turkey Reservations and Update

Turkey Reservations and Update

Our Father’s Farm Update:

Turkey Reservations open!


If you want us to raise a Turkey for you please:

Pay the $50 reservation by check, Credit card (by phone), or paypal (on our website prices page).

Click here to reserve your turkey!

Fresh grass fed Beef:

Our Father’s Farm beef:

  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Purely fed on lucious grasses

Health Benefits (doctor mercola.com)

  • Lower in total fat
  • High in B vitamins
  • High in Omega 3s, potassium, & minerals

Sold by the piece or get the economy family pack! Reserve a 45lb share!

Chicken available:

  • Certified organic feed
  • Non-Soy and No GMO and NO glyphosate
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Pasture raised
  • Leftover bones make Delicious bone broth
  • Wonderful health benefits.

Call or email to order!

6th Annual Field Day and Celebrating 10 Years of Farming!

Our Father’s Farm

 6th Annual Open House / Field Day

and Celebrating 10 years of farming!

May 26th, 2018 10-3

Farm Tours at: 11 and 2

Field Day Information:

Date: Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Location: Our Father’s Farm

2664 Deer View Road Gretna, VA 24557

Time: 10:00 – 3:00

Farm Tour Schedule: 1st tour at 11:00 am the 2nd tour at 2:00 pm.

Farm Tours:

    See, touch, and learn about the workings of a truly natural farm and meet your farmers and the animals they raise!  We will offer 2 farm tours during the day.  The first tour will be at 11:00 and the second will be held at 2:00. You will see and learn about the milk cows, calves, chicks, broiler chickens, laying hens, the horse, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens!

Bonus! There will be a milking demonstration and milk samples. (even fresh ice cream if things go as planned :-)!)

At the end of each tour, Kim will take a few minutes to do a healthy eating demonstration, with yummy samples, and demo/explanation time. It is both interesting and fun for kids & adults!  (parents you won’t believe the stuff she will get your kids to try) :-)

Petting Zoo:

We will have an area as soon as you get to the farm where you can visit, pet, hold, and enjoy the animals while shopping or waiting for a farm tour!

There will be, baby calves, baby chicks, cats & kittens, dogs, PUPPIES, a horse, and more!

Raw Milk Special! (Only on May 26th!)

Purchase your herd share for Raw Milk at the Field Day and get it HALF OFF!

To Purchase 1 Herd Share (which is one gallon of milk weekly) is usually$100.

At the Open House / Field day, it will only be $50

and after purchasing the herd share you can have a sample of the other dairy products we provide! Yogurt, Kefir, Cream, Butter, and Ice-cream.

Farm Store and Bake Sale:

    The store will be open! Plenty of grass fed beef, fresh herb mixes for grilling and cooking (family favorites), kombucha, organic juices, raw milk cheeses from a small, certified organic, Amish dairy farm.  We will be stocked with our usual variety of other items: beauty lotion, healing salves, supplements, superfoods, Apple Cider Vinegar etc.

There will also be a BAKE SALE offering all different kinds of bread, cookies, rolls, and more! Plenty of goodies to make a picnic out of or take home for later :-)  Or bring a picnic and enjoy it on the grounds.

Samples and Door Prizes:

We will have samples of milk, ice-cream, and more!

We will be drawing names for special prizes before each tour!

Contact us with any questions!

Email   (434) 656-1188


News on Products Available!

News on Products Available!

Bone Broth Special!

  • 1 Pack Meaty Bones
  • 2 Marrow Bones
  • 1 Knuckle Bone

Order now for $18.99

Bone broth facts: mercola.com

  • Has many important vitamins and minerals
  • Supports joint health
  • Benefits your digestive system
  • Fights inflammation
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves sleep and brain function

Click here for complete recipe & more great ingredients to add!

Grass-Fed Nutritiously Pure Beef:

  • T-Bone Steaks $18.00/lb
  • Sirloin Steak $16.50/lb
  • Tenderloin & New York Strip $19.50-24 /lb
  • Beef Shoulder Roasts $8.75/lb
  • Hot Sausage Links

Click here to view full list of details.

Organic Feed: Non-GMO and No-Soy:

  • Whole Chickens $7.50/lb

Raw Milk Herd Shares Available. Below products for herd share owners only.

  • Butter $16 /8oz
  • Yogurt $5 /qt
  • Kefir $5 /qt


Dream Cheese $6.50 /8oz

The healthy substitute for cream cheese. It is perfect for on breads, in veggie dips, sweet spreads, and more!

Place Order

4 Beautiful, Healthy, Puppies Available!



We still have four beautiful, healthy, and happy puppies available.

Born: April 5th 2017

Price: Black $815

Price: Chocolate $995

Please contact us with any questions!


Puppy #1 Chocolate Male (Available) This puppy has a more calm and gentle demeanor, he shows the strong and beautiful traits of an English lab and would be a perfect hunter or companion! He loves children.

Puppy #2 Black Female (Available) This puppy has a perfect mixture of calm and energy. She is so sweet and loving and does wonderfully with all ages!


Puppy #9 Chocolate Male (Available) This puppy fulfills the roll of a classic lab! He loves to run, swim, and play tug a war. His adorable face matches his demeanor!

Puppy #12 Black Female (Available) This puppies energy is abounding. She runs, loves to play catch, tug a war, and wrestle. Her demeanor is happy, energetic, and sweet! She shows the hunting dog spirit and would be a wonderful companion to young and old!


Reserve yours today!

Farm Girl Note: March 2017

Farm Girl Note:

    Though the harvest on the farm has slowed down the farmers are keeping busy!;-) Fencing in our entire property (100+ acres) has been a big job but we (and, ahem, hopefully the neighbors 🙂   are enjoying the benefits of secure pens for the cows. It is getting to be less often that when the phone rings we don’t all yell “cows are out!” and head for our shoes before even answering 😉 that used to be quite common at our house. We are grateful for kind neighbors but everyone is much happier with secure perimeters!

Friday we got 12,000 pounds of Chaff Haye delivered. Several of us went over to unload it from the 18 wheeler into our truck and flatbed and then into our storage area.

Flowers blooming and new life on the farm are sure reminders that spring is almost here!

Pounding in posts for new fence lines.
Beautiful sunset on the way back from collecting eggs.
Bringing the cows down for morning milking in the snow.
Chaff Haye unloading!



Journey Back to Health One Day Seminar

Our Father’s Farm

From Our Farm to Your Table

 CNHP Kim Fuhrmann from Our Father’s Farm will help you in  your,

Journey Back to Health

Learn about divine design and how to take personal responsibility for your health.

Join us at Our Father’s Farm on

Saturday, January 28th


Enjoy a wonderful day of learning!

A sampling of topics include: 

-Basic Physiology…

    learn how your body was designed and how you can best care for yourself     and for those you love. 

-Why, where, and how to source local, organic foods at better prices

-How to prepare these more expensive “real foods” the best most nutrient     dense ways possible

-How to care for your skin and gut with home made nature’s products

-How to make and enjoy fermented foods and condiments

-How to create a home-made natural health care kit for your family               -Learn how and when to administer home remedies and herbal first aid

-Hands on work in the kitchen… and much more.

Cost $65 which includes, the day-long seminar, a booklet of information and recipes you will learn about during the class, a brief farm tour and a lunch made from delicious natural foods from the farm so you can taste what you’ll be learning about.

Send your payment to secure a spot in this class, seats are limited.  Please make checks payable to “Our Father’s Farm” and send to the address below. Or pay using Paypal.

We look forward to seeing some of you for an exciting day of learning, tasting, seeing, and doing!


“I loved hearing Kim’s journey to healthy eating- it is empowering & filled with encouragement.  I walked away from the workshop with  knowledge, motivation and the desire to take the time to provide & prepare my best to serve my family.  I enjoyed the hands on time in the kitchen learning a new way to prepare healthy food.

Kim speaks through experience and her convictions and joy for what she shares is amazing.”

Our little store is Stocked.

Come shop on the farm or order for delivery:

Grass-Fed Beef:

– Sausage

– Hot Dogs

– Ground Beef

– Steaks

– Roasts


Pasture Raised Non GMO no Soy Poultry:

– Breasts

– Tenders

– Legs

– Thighs

– Wings

and More!

Place Order.

Follow Us
Company Info
Our Father’s Farm
2664 Deer View RoadGretna VA 24557(434)-656-1188

Click here to pay online for the class with paypall.



Purchase your favorite meats and save! Winter & Holidays are just around the corner, stock up your freezers for the winter, and enjoy pasture raised beyond organic meats. We will not be raising chickens through the winter.

Sale ends! Saturday, November 19th 2016

Come out to the farm Saturday the 19th for our fall farm day and get an additional 5% off!

Caution: we only have a limited amount of packages and tend to sell out quickly!

Cold weather calls for a:

Beef Bone Broth Special


 – 1 Pack Soup Bones

– 1 Knuckle

– 2 Marrow Bones


Non GMO and No-SOY

Chicken Deluxe Pack


 – 1 Whole Chicken

– 1 Pack Breast

– 1 Pack Leg Thighs

– 1 Pack Drumsticks

– 1 Pack wings






Comes with our special recipe!

Chicken Super Broth Special


 – 2 Chicken Neck & Backs

 – 1 super chicken broth pack.

 That includes liver, heart,

 gizzard, and feet.


Steak Lovers



– 4 Rib-eye Steaks

– 2 T-bone Steaks

– 2 Sirloin Steaks


For the whole family:

Family Stock-up Package


– 2 Packs Hot Dogs

– 3 Rib-eye Steaks

– 3 T-bone Steaks

– 2 Packs Ground Beef

– 1 Whole Chicken

– 1 Pack Breast & -1 Pack Tenders

– 1 Pack Drumsticks & -1 Pack Thighs

– 2 Packs Wings

– 1 London Broil Roast


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Sausage & Hot dog Package


– 1 Pack Hot Dogs

– 1 Pack Mild Sausage links

– 1 Pack Hot Sausage links

– 1 Pack Bulk Sausage (mild or hot)


Beef Sale!

Our Father’s Farm

From Our Farm to Your Table!

Purely Grass Fed Beef


Our Father’s Farm 45 pound share just got better!

SALE $9.75 $9.00 per pound.

Only 2 shares still available so contact us soon!


What is a 40 pound share and why should I purchase it?

When you purchase a 40 pound share you get every cut of beef (roasts, steaks, ground beef and more) for only $9.00 per pound. This allows you to quickly stock your freezer with delicious and nutritious meats for a huge discount!

We also have all cuts of beef available click here to view the full list.

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




Thanksgiving market, turkey pickup day and more!

Our Father’s Farm

Fresh from our farm to your fork


On Farm Turkey Pick up day! November, 21st, 2015.

We are now SOLD OUT for this year.


The cows grazing as the sun sets.

Happy turkeys on pasture.

Fresh baked goods to create your holiday table

The Saturday before Thanksgiving:


We are having a fall fun day here on the farm when you come pick up your turkey! Bring family and friends to see the farm animals and shop our store and bake sale!

November 21st 2015!

Read about last years pick up day!

Last Chicken of the year!

We recommend stocking up now.

Along with the bake sale, beef, and other products in our store we are hoping to have chicken for Turkey Pick up and fun fall day!


Come on out! Bring friends and family

Thanksgiving Market Saturday the 21st!

Forest Farmers Market

Come see us at the market this saturday! We will be there with a stock of chicken, turkeys for pick up PRE-ORDER only, several steaks, and fresh baked goods! Create your holiday table with pies, cookies, breads and more!

In door market address:1088 Rustic Village Road

  The market will be open from 8:00am-12:00. Come stock your pantry!

For those who are picking up a turkey please come by 11:30.

Customer Review:

“Want to tell you all about how wonderful our turkey was! Thank you so much for a moist, tender and flavorful turkey that we all loved and ate sooooo very much of.!!!!!
We enjoyed the beautiful fall day last week and the drive out to pick up the bird and to see your lovely farm in its awesome location.”

~ Satisfied Customer

Farm Girl Note:



Farming life is so exciting it rarely slows down, but winter is approaching soon where we hope for a little more quiet. This Friday, with several friends, we will be processing our last batch of birds: the Turkeys! Then Saturday we will have a pickup day here on the farm. Turkey pickup day is always a fun day seeing lots of friends and customers along with selling our turkeys.


A few days ago two of our boys who usually do the evening turkey chores were out hunting (tis the season), my sister and I headed up to the turkeys. As we drove around the corner of trees we saw that all the turkeys had escaped their fencing and were roaming the whole top of the field and tree line! The sun was sinking

quickly behind them. We had been expecting a quick stop. “I don’t believe it!” laments my sister as we pulled to a stop. Both of us surrounded the flock, opened a part in the fence, and shooed the majority of them inside but there were still about 10 reluctant ones hanging around the outer edge of the fence. As we both turned to get them, the turkeys in the pen began sneaking out! I jumped back to the opening. While Sheila gathered up the last few turkeys I did my best to keep the flock of huge

turkeys in. Over all, after the fence was pinned closed and all the fence stakes stomped in a few more times for extra security, we fed the turkeys and headed to our next task, happy that it would only be about 1 week more of tending to the turkey flock… I’ll share about processing day later though;-).


Give thanks both in the good times and bad! Since Thanksgiving is so close I will say that I am thankful for all of our customer and friend support! Without the Lord and you all this farming venture would be impossible! So thank you for supporting our farm and family. What are you thankful for today?


100% A2A2 Herd: New Pricing and Payment Options

Our Father’s Farm Announcing:

100% A2A2 Herd

New Pricing and Payment Options

Effective: 1 January 2016

IMG_3313 (Small)

Raw Milk Super-Food just got even MORE Super 🙂

We are happy to announce that our herd of dairy cattle is now 100% A2A2.  It has been almost 2 years since we discovered the health benefits of A2A2 milk. We began to aggressively test and move our herd toward being 100% A2A2.  Our herd is also 100% grass and greens-fed.  The cows eat only what they find in our pastures and some alfalfa(non-GMO) when they come in for milking, as well as some hay in winter.  We are committed to providing you with the best quality most nutrient dense milk possible.

For the first time in 7 years we are restructuring our herd share, boarding, and labor pricing. For most of you there will be little or no change. For others, there will be a slight change.  

Delivery Fee for all drop sites:

$10 per customer per month.

(Not per Share, but per customer.)

Monthly Boarding Fees

1/2 share  $20

1 share  $40

Each additional share $40

Plastic jugs are $2.50 per share per month.

The one-time initial purchase of a herd share is $50 for half share and $100 for a full share.

Yogurt & Kefir 1qt. Labor $5; 

1pt Cream labor $5;  

1/2lb Butter labor $12; 

1/2lb X-factor Spring Butter $16

Seasonal Milk Option:

For those butter lovers, and those that appreciate the nutrient dense milk that comes from grass fed cows eating growing grasses.  We are now offering a seasonal option.  You will receive your share of milk March – December, then for the three months that the cows are naturally not giving milk because they are awaiting a calf, and when milk production is low because we are feeding hay or dry grass, you will receive a share of butter that was made from spring grass each week instead of your milk.  So for three months of winter you get to enjoy spring (X-Factor) butter.  We hope to offer Cheese as an option in the future.


Cleaning Jars: We are dealing with space problems at some of the drop sites.  Please do your best to try and pick up your milk within a day of it being delivered. Also, be very careful to clean and dry jars before dropping off.
If you forget to return your jars, we will have to send the next week’s milk in plastic jugs and charge you $ .75 per jug.

Payments: Starting in January you will receive a monthly invoice statement and will have the option of paying using a credit card or paypal through our website or by calling (There is an additional processing fee).  We still prefer checks or cash 🙂 Many people set up automatic bill pay from their bank.

Thank you so much for choosing us, and for trusting us with this important job of taking care of your cows and providing you and your family with nutrient dense deliciousness.

The whole Fuhrmann family/team at Our Father’s Farm



Our Father’s Farm Annual Open House 2015!


Date: April 25th 2015

Time: 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Tour Times: First tour, 11:00 Second tour, 2:00

Where: Our Father’s Farm 

2664 Deer View Road Gretna, VA 24557

Rain Date: May 2nd 2014

Directions! Click Here.

There is an Our Father’s Farm sign at the top of our driveway also there will be a sign that says Open House. If you need any help please call, 434-656-1188.

Come out and see the farm! See how it works, see the animals enjoy a bit of country time with your whole family and friends! Be here for a farm tour! To view the whole farm life! Hold little baby chicks, pet cows and feel the coarse mane of a horse, collect fresh eggs straight from the chicken house, snuggle fluffy 8-week-old puppies and more!

Learn more about Our Father’s Farm and enjoy what great things the LORD has done for us! 

Come and a have a great day in the country on a farm!

What is there to do? 


See touch and learn about the FARM and ANIMALS!

There will be 2 farm tours in the day

The first tour will be held at 11:00 and the second will be held at 2:00.

You will see and learn about: 

The milk cows, calves, chicks, broiler chickens, laying hens, the horse, dogs and maybe puppies, cats and kittens!

Bonus! There will be a milking demonstration and milk samples.

What kind of animals can we see?

There will be cows and calves! Laying hens, broiler (meat) chickens, chicks, our chocolate lab puppy 2 big great Pyrenees Dogs and great Pyrenees puppies, Cats and maybe kittens! A horse, a donkey and more!


A bed for the night, Breakfast Lunch and dinner if you choose to stay!

If your name is drawn you and one other person can come to Our Father’s Farm! Spend a comfortable night in the farm house wake up in the morning with the cocks crow come out and milk cows, feed chickens, collect eggs, herd cows, tend to chicks, and more! Than enjoy a hearty farmer’s breakfast.

Enjoying the rest of your day how ever you like sitting by the still pond enjoying the scenery, or giving a hand with what ever is going on, if you would like you can work in the house baking fresh bread making pies and more! 

Come and enjoy a farm life just for 24 hours!. It will be the best time you have had in a long time.

More about the drawing!

Come to our open house and put your name in the drawing by:

Buying $15 of products in our store, we will offer you to put your name, phone number and address on a paper in the drawing basket! The name will be drawn at 4:00pm assuring that everyone you wanted to join the drawing have had a fair chance to do so. The name which is draw will be contacted. And we will plan dates for the day!

Late spring, Summer, or early fall are the best times of year!


Bring a picnic and hang out on the farm!

There will be picnicking areas and we will be selling baked goods and some snack bars, candies, and cheese. 

Will the store be open and what will I be able to buy?

Yes the store will be open to all who come! There will be fresh whole chickens, and chicken parts, leg thigh packs, tender loins, breast, and wings, There will be ground beef, steaks, roasts, stew meat and bones, Eggs, and all the other things will sale in the store (a small health food store type). Also there might be baked goods! Such as whole wheat bread, cakes and cookies.

How do I contact you if I have questions?

Email or call us!

Tel: (434)-656-1188

Email:  orders@ourfathersfarmva.com

January Update

Our Father’s Farm

From Our Farm to your fork!

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Outside during the winter it is quiet and still down here on the farm.  Everyone does their best to stay warm:) But inside it is quite a different thing! Everyone is bustling around with their daily duties and lessons.  We just started up music lessons again and are all thoroughly enjoying it! The house is now filled with music almost all the time with six children practicing! Winter is a wonderful time for us to do lots of book work! For the spring summer and fall months are always full of fun hard work learning lots outside and tending our flocks and herds:) Living on a farm has its ups and downs but at the end of the day, when you fall into you bed, you really feel like your day was profitable and you are always learning new lessons that will help all your life! Wherever you are and whatever you do there are always ups and downs in life. But the most important thing is to not worry and trust in the LORD!  Take each moment and cherish it!  Time flies and before you know it you will be in a different place.  Let’s live without regrets and  treasure the most important things:  God and People.  So be happy now and share the LOVE of  Christ to all!



Our girls:  Got RAW milk?!we’re expecting some new calves sometime soon!  We’ll keep you posted if more shares become available once they freshen.  For now:


What would you like with your milk?

Yogurt: $4.00

Kefer: $4.00


The above products are only available to herd share customers.

{Working together!} 

Chicken available: A nutritous health-giving choice!


We have chicken available! Whole and parts!  Make sure to order yours before we sell out… we won’t have fresh chickens for another 10 weeks.  Try a whole roasted chicken and don’t forget to make and enjoy the delicious bone broth once you finish!


Little John David loves helping outside with his older siblings!  One of his first words was “Eggs” because egg yolks were his first solid food!  He loves to go out and collect his own snacks 🙂



Order chicken



View products online

We can bring our products to you!

Lynchburg, Roanoke and Westlake or come shop at the

Farm Store on our farm!

ORDER today for delivery!

Products available listed below:

Beef: Roasts, Steaks and grass finished beef

Chicken: Whole chicken and limited amounts of Breasts, tenders, legs thighs, and wings


Ordering your food now is important because this plentiful stock will not last for ever:)

Thank you for supporting us!

-Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family team.

Address 2664 Deer View Road

Gretna, VA 24557

Phone: 434-656-1188

Cell: 757-630-9822

Email: info@ourfathersfarmva.com

Happy New year!

Our Father’s Farm 

From our farm to your fork!


New Year 2015

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family wish you a Happy New Year!

We are stocked with beef!

The beef that we are stocked with is not pure grass fed which means that they have had some feed in there life.


We strive to raise our beef humanly and natruelly the way God intends them to be raised. In the picture on the left Josh is moving the cows to fresh grass.

Not only delicious but medicinal!

This is a busy season full of colds, flus and more! People everywhere are coming down with different things… have you?…

 Stay healthy through flu season! 


Pasture raised chicken is one of the best ways to stay healthy this season! 


Be sure to order some chicken and after you have enjoyed it your favorite way be sure to keep the bones!


Put all the bones (after you have taken all the meat off) in a pot and cover the bones with water, then add a little salt and that is it!

If you would like you can add other things like, a little wine, an onion, some chicken feet, clean good egg shells etc. After atleat 45 minutes your broth is ready! You can just drink this flavorful delicious broth or make it into soups sauces and casseroles!

Make your new years order!


                                       Order beef!

                                      View full list.


Holiday Season Update!

Our Father’s Farm

-From our farm to your fork!

December 2014



Holiday Season!


Chicken Available

Are you having family over for the Holidays? Roasting a chicken is a great idea! Or you can just stock up on chicken for the season.

Whole chickens and chicken parts available click here to view.

Order chicken


 What do you need this week? We’ll bring it to you.


Christmas Turkey?  We have a few large frozen Turkeys.

Lynchburg Delivery Friday

Roanoke Delivery    Tuesday

Westlake Delivery   Tuesday

Or, on the Farm pick up Wednesday and Saturday!


Did you make an Our Father’s farm turkey? If you did we would love to hear how it tasted and what you thought!

Click here to share your review.


Previous entries:

“Hello, just wanted to let you know that my brined Thanksgiving turkey was delicious! Out of 3 turkeys we served (the other 2 were only breasts)

 Mine was hands down the best!!! So tanks for your brine recipe and for raising such a delicious bird!”

-Satisfied Customer 2014

“We tried your turkey brine recipe on the turkey we cooked for thanksgiving and it was fantastic! It was the best tasting and moist turkey that I had ever cooked! So, hats off to you and thank you for the wonderful recipe that made the turkey very tasty!”

-Satisfied Customer 2014





Farm Girl Note:

I love the Christmas season! But it is so polluted with loud music, Santa and candy. What’s the real reason for Christmas?

There are many traditions Americans use to celebrate Christmas such as,

Giving Gifts

Eating special foods

Decorating with lights, greenery and red berries or ribbon…

Writing wish lists for Santa etc.

But what is the main reason? What is the true meaning of Christmas!

It’s celebrating Christ coming! Joy to the world Jesus is born!

It is Joy! This is the most exciting thing ever! Because the Lord was born and lived and died we can now have everlasting life! Jesus came and died for our sin! He died for me and you!

Joy! To the world!  Merry Christmas!


News Flash:

Beef is coming soon!

Within a few weeks we will have lots of beef! Keep your eye out for the beef update!

Would you like to sign up

for a 45 lb share? Click here.

Pre Order beef

Learn more about our beef and pricing

click here.