100% A2A2 Herd: New Pricing and Payment Options

Our Father’s Farm Announcing:

100% A2A2 Herd

New Pricing and Payment Options

Effective: 1 January 2016

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Raw Milk Super-Food just got even MORE Super 🙂

We are happy to announce that our herd of dairy cattle is now 100% A2A2.  It has been almost 2 years since we discovered the health benefits of A2A2 milk. We began to aggressively test and move our herd toward being 100% A2A2.  Our herd is also 100% grass and greens-fed.  The cows eat only what they find in our pastures and some alfalfa(non-GMO) when they come in for milking, as well as some hay in winter.  We are committed to providing you with the best quality most nutrient dense milk possible.

For the first time in 7 years we are restructuring our herd share, boarding, and labor pricing. For most of you there will be little or no change. For others, there will be a slight change.  

Delivery Fee for all drop sites:

$10 per customer per month.

(Not per Share, but per customer.)

Monthly Boarding Fees

1/2 share  $20

1 share  $40

Each additional share $40

Plastic jugs are $2.50 per share per month.

The one-time initial purchase of a herd share is $50 for half share and $100 for a full share.

Yogurt & Kefir 1qt. Labor $5; 

1pt Cream labor $5;  

1/2lb Butter labor $12; 

1/2lb X-factor Spring Butter $16

Seasonal Milk Option:

For those butter lovers, and those that appreciate the nutrient dense milk that comes from grass fed cows eating growing grasses.  We are now offering a seasonal option.  You will receive your share of milk March – December, then for the three months that the cows are naturally not giving milk because they are awaiting a calf, and when milk production is low because we are feeding hay or dry grass, you will receive a share of butter that was made from spring grass each week instead of your milk.  So for three months of winter you get to enjoy spring (X-Factor) butter.  We hope to offer Cheese as an option in the future.


Cleaning Jars: We are dealing with space problems at some of the drop sites.  Please do your best to try and pick up your milk within a day of it being delivered. Also, be very careful to clean and dry jars before dropping off.
If you forget to return your jars, we will have to send the next week’s milk in plastic jugs and charge you $ .75 per jug.

Payments: Starting in January you will receive a monthly invoice statement and will have the option of paying using a credit card or paypal through our website or by calling (There is an additional processing fee).  We still prefer checks or cash 🙂 Many people set up automatic bill pay from their bank.

Thank you so much for choosing us, and for trusting us with this important job of taking care of your cows and providing you and your family with nutrient dense deliciousness.

The whole Fuhrmann family/team at Our Father’s Farm



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