Farm Update

Farm Update

We are excited to begin a new year! The first few weeks in January are always full of planning and meetings as we launch into a new year and all that it holds.

There have been some challenges the past couple of weeks. Just a reminder that farming is a continual learning process!
Cows being delivered to a homestead in North Carolina! We are enjoying these new opportunities to provide cows to others.
17 inches of beautiful snow covered the farm the week before Christmas. We all enjoyed sledding, snow ball fights, and the beauty. But it definitely does make things harder for the animals and farm chores!

Farmer Note Part 2

Farmer Note Part 2

Here is the second part to: Emergency on the Farm ~By one of the Farm boys.

Click here to read part 1 if you missed it.

Continued from part one …Someone stepped out in front of the barn, “there’s a cow emergency” he shouted again. The person spun around and ran behind the barn. Knowing help was on the way Edmund made a smooth but speedy U-turn and sped back the way he had come. When he got back to the scene, the cow looked the same.

He ran to where she was lying and was soon joined by Eric who had followed in the truck. Together they began pushing and pulling trying to get her out of the ditch. After some time and with the help of the tractor the cow slid up and out of the muddy rivet. As soon as the cow was on level ground again, Eric pushed her up on her right side without difficulty. The cow looked dazed for a few seconds, but then began looking around, it will get better soon thought Edmund! “well” said Eric, “that was a close one! She would’ve been a goner if we hadn’t of got her in time.” “no Kidding” agreed Edmond as he walked back to the tractor and got on it, “that would’ve been a bad loss”! “yeah” replied Eric, heading for his truck. “well see ya later, I’m back to work.” “alright, same here” Said Edmund, he cranked up the good old tractor and rumbled off to finish his chores.

The cow was soon on her own four feet again and in a few days was none the worse for her near-death experience!

~Farm boy

John lending a hand with the chores.

Good moooorning from Swiss the cow, she is on the wrong side of the fence. 😉

Our family was blessed with some time away to the OBX!

Farm Girl update: September 2018

Farm Girl update: September 2018

 Life on the farm has been wonderful this summer! Lots of new calves, little kittens, and puppies. We are excited to announce the newest member of the Our Father’s Farm team little Brianna Kate. Josh and Maddie are excited parents and we are all thrilled grandparents, uncles, and aunties. We are so grateful for a healthy safe birth and are enjoying this adorable little bundle of joy!

Below is the first part of a true story on the farm written by one of the farm boys:


Part 1:

    One muddy, rainy winter morning, a tractor swayed through the field with two great bales of hay on it, the driver was a boy of about fourteen years of age, his name was Edmund. He was on the way to feed the last batch of family milk cows. The mud made it difficult to drive, so taking it slowly, he plowed on through the mud and rain. It took some time to get there going so slowly, but at last the cow field came in sight. As the tractor rumbled up to the fence, Edmund saw something that looked out of the ordinary… he strained his eyes to see better, then he realized that it was a cow lying on its back slightly stuck in a low part of the field. He sat up in the seat and slowed the tractor to a crawl. He detected a slight movement, the only sign of life. He needed to act quickly as he thought: “The cow may not have much longer to live!” Edmund knew the cow was too massive for him to pull out alone. So, thinking fast, he turned the tractor and headed down the narrow driveway to where the cows were milked and where he knew he could find help! As he swung onto the driveway, he jerked the throttle back setting the tractor in full tilt. The rain stung his eyes and face, it whipped up around the wheels sending a spray of water wildly up in Ed’s face. As he drove into sight of the barn he began honking the tractor horn and yelling “there’s a cow about to die”!… Stay tuned for part 2!

Farm Girl Note: Spring 2018

Farm Girl Note: Spring 2018

Spring dawned over a snow covered Our Father’s Farm! We were amazed at having 2 snows in the month of March. As the days grow warmer and sunnier all our spring tasks begin. Several of the guys worked hard on fencing in about 36 acres in a new rental property. We are looking forward to moving a herd of cows over there soon.

March brought about a special 2-week trip for Jack, Kim, Sheila, and Hope to central Africa. Thank you to everyone who joined them, and the family left at home through your prayers! The trip was an amazing encouragement and the farm did well while they were away. Highlights of the trip included, spending time with missionaries, getting to see national friends from years ago, meeting new nationals, helping with projects, visiting a farm in a nearby village, visiting a wild animal park, visiting an orphanage, and much more!

This week on the farm, we are working on a few new products to present soon, chicks will be arriving, and lots of fixer upper projects are in process. We are getting excited about our Annual Field Day coming up! Be sure to put it on your calendars.


A garden we visited in Africa.

The team.

Sharing the road with a herd of cattle in Africa.

Farm Girl Note: Winter on the Farm

Farm Girl Note: Winter on the Farm

The end of last year brought the wedding of Josh our farm manager who was married to Maddie. An exciting feat for the whole family and Maddie (Wilson) has already made a wonderful addition to the farm and family! The holiday was a busy and good time and now here we are in 2018!

The first week of the year brought frigid weather to our area. Temps were down to almost zero in the night and morning when we did chores. The animals as well as the people had to work hard to stay warm, and survive the unusual cold front! Every water line and animal watering trough would be frozen up in minutes! Our new year’s annual planning meetings were held and exciting hopes for this year were discussed. We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for 2018 and are also thankful to be back to more normal weather as well! 😊

Little guy born into 3 degree weather!


Morning sun shines across the frozen farm.


Adorable Great Pyrenees Puppies available!


Feeding hay in the snow storm.


8 Tons of Chaff hay delivered in 2 inches of snow! The team unloaded and stacked it all by hand in under 45 minutes!

Hello from “Dude” trying to stay warm!


Farm Girl Note: A Moon-lit Cow Chase

As you all probably know our farm manager (& brother) Josh is engaged to be married in November. Well, he was able to go visit his fiancé a few days ago and just a few hours after he left we got a call that some cows were out. Several of us got in the van and drove three-quarters of a mile away to where the cow’s pasture is. In the glare of the headlights, we spotted our bull and seven other cows next to the road munching on the neighboring field. We hopped out and began shooing them up the road and back to our field; it was so dark we could hardly see the dark outline of the cows against the horizon. We split up and I soon was alone chasing the bull and two cows up the hill and then into the gate of our pasture which should be an easy task. 😊 as we walked up the road the bull began this awful low angry bellow as I waved and shooed at him, I soon realized that cows in our other herd across the road were in heat and our bull was upset that he could not get to them. He ran up to the fence around the buildings with the cows following him. Finally, after chasing them around with our little phone lights we were able to get them into our field and secure. We wearily walked home under a beautiful canopy of stars and wondered why the cows always get out when Josh is gone…? It’s still a question we’re asking and were worried about the week-long honeymoon that is coming up and guessing what kind of adventures we’re bound to have when he’s not here to manage things 🙂 It makes you appreciate all a person does when they’re not around. Very thankful for family, for life, and for our gracious God! Happy Thanksgiving time!




Beautiful Rainbow reminding us of Gods promises!

A Seminar Kim spoke at in September.

Amazing Sunrise over the farm!

Our Family had a wonderful time away at the beach in October.

Farm Girl Note: March 2017

Farm Girl Note:

    Though the harvest on the farm has slowed down the farmers are keeping busy!;-) Fencing in our entire property (100+ acres) has been a big job but we (and, ahem, hopefully the neighbors 🙂   are enjoying the benefits of secure pens for the cows. It is getting to be less often that when the phone rings we don’t all yell “cows are out!” and head for our shoes before even answering 😉 that used to be quite common at our house. We are grateful for kind neighbors but everyone is much happier with secure perimeters!

Friday we got 12,000 pounds of Chaff Haye delivered. Several of us went over to unload it from the 18 wheeler into our truck and flatbed and then into our storage area.

Flowers blooming and new life on the farm are sure reminders that spring is almost here!

Pounding in posts for new fence lines.

Beautiful sunset on the way back from collecting eggs.

Bringing the cows down for morning milking in the snow.

Chaff Haye unloading!



Farm Girl Note

Our Father’s Farm is always buzzing with activity. But it seems that this year has been crammed full! Now we are speeding through the shortening days of October. This week we processed chickens (order here) only 3 more for this year!

Raising turkeys is a wonderful but stressful task;-) Right now we are tending to a large flock of all very happy and healthy turkeys, roaming the fields enjoying the fresh air and forage and growing big. Be sure to reserve yours to guarantee a wonderful nutritious thanksgiving! And make sure you bring your family out to enjoy a day on the farm visiting the animals, sipping on hot cider, shopping our store + bake sale and picking up your fresh turkey!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Our family enjoyed a wonderful trip to the beach last month!

Baby calves.

A beautiful hike our family took with some friends.

Chore time.

Egg collecting team.


Beautiful fall colors are beginning to show on the farm.

Farm Girl Note: Farm life

The team has been staying busy on the farm this summer! Its hard to believe that we are flying through the month of August! Chores start bright and early where a team sets off to milk cows and bottle the milk, while another team loads up the old farm truck and heads out to tend to the poultry. A few hours later all the cows are milked and taken back to fresh grass, the chickens are moved to fresh grass and fed, and everything is cleaned up and put in order. Everyone heads inside where we “feed and water” the people with a hearty breakfast and Bible time. Then we disperse and work on other chores around the farm and in the house. The farm life is a lot of work but it’s such a joy!

A small school group touring the farm.

fd 2
Milking demonstration.


Helping big sister Sheila make delicious butter.

Future milk cow:-)

Until next time, Hope

Farm Girl Note: Mornings

New summer schedules and lots of hot weather have brought the wonderful month of June to a close! It’s so hard to believe July is upon us!  Every morning as my younger brother and I drive through the fields with a truck-load of feed for all of the chickens I am amazed by the beauty of the mornings. The sun peeks over the trees and as it gradually rises in the sky it casts golden rays all over the farm transforming each little dim, dewy field of grass into a field of sparkling diamondy sunshine! Each morning as I drive I praise the Lord for his Son that shines on and in me.  The beauty of the golden haze cast over the farm is a daily reminder that light transforms everything it touches.

Sheila Collecting the eggs.

IMG_4840edit 1
Josh and Tim moving the chickens to fresh grass!

Beautiful mornings on the farm!



Farm Girl Note: June update

We’ve had a busy few weeks on the farm! It’s hard to believe that we are already well into June! This past Wednesday we processed our first batch of Organic chickens! (contact us if you are interested in ordering.) June has brought with it some beautiful sunny weather that has been wonderful for working in. It’s always easier and more enjoyable to work in sunshine. The family has been busy, tending to cows (and new calves!), gardening, collecting eggs, moving chickens to fresh pasture, working on new projects to assist in the daily work and so much more! It is so nice to know that we are working here to raise wonderful foods for ourselves, but also for you. Thank you so much for supporting our farm and family!



Little egg collector in training.


Happy laying hens on pasture!



Moving one of the chicken flocks.


Update from the Open House/Field Day!

First we want to thank everyone who came and who helped make the day a huge blessing!  This day feels like a family reunion to us!  We really do have the best customers and love what we do and how you partner in it with us!  It was a busy but wonderful weekend here on the farm– Lots of cleaning and fixing up in preparation for our Annual Field Day. Thursday we processed around 200 chickens marking the first fresh chickens of the year!

It was such an encouragement to see all of you that made it out this past Saturday, thank you for braving the weather!

Below are some pictures that were taken throughout the day:

Baby kittens+.
Baby kittens.

The petting zoo!
The petting zoo!

Great Pyrenees Puppies!

~Milking Demonstration~



Gypsy (the cow) allowed lots of people try milking!


Hay Ride.

~The Meat Chickens~

Visiting and learning about our meat chickens.
Visiting and learning about our meat chickens.

~Laying Hens~


~Dairy Herd~



Sheila did a great job capturing the day 😉 To learn more about her photography business Click Here!


What a fun day, the Lord brought everything together so perfectly.

A big thanks to our helpers this year, the Taconets, Elijah & Faith and the Crews!

Looking forward to next time,

The Our Father’s Farm and Fuhrmann Family Team.

Farm Girl Note

The past few warm days have been absolutely wonderful! We have really been enjoying this beautiful sunshine; and it has really been helping out a lot with all the farm jobs that need to get done:-) The hustle and bustle grows more and more as the spring and summer seasons quickly come upon us. Plans and preparations for our Fourth Annual Open House are beginning, and the outdated chicken house for our broilers had to be taken apart and rebuilt. We all gathered around the white board as we planned and sketched out how this chicken house would be built, to make it even more effective. These are just to name a few of the fun projects that are being done around the farm along with daily life. Washing eggs, milking cows, loading deliveries, watering gardens and the list goes on. But we would not trade this life for anything! The lessons we learn and the time spent together is worth everything.

John and Tim washing eggs.

Building a new chicken house!

Painting the chicken house.

Tending to the chicks.

Just part of the load of chaff hay!

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9



Thanksgiving market, turkey pickup day and more!

Our Father’s Farm

Fresh from our farm to your fork


On Farm Turkey Pick up day! November, 21st, 2015.

We are now SOLD OUT for this year.


The cows grazing as the sun sets.

Happy turkeys on pasture.

Fresh baked goods to create your holiday table

The Saturday before Thanksgiving:


We are having a fall fun day here on the farm when you come pick up your turkey! Bring family and friends to see the farm animals and shop our store and bake sale!

November 21st 2015!

Read about last years pick up day!

Last Chicken of the year!

We recommend stocking up now.

Along with the bake sale, beef, and other products in our store we are hoping to have chicken for Turkey Pick up and fun fall day!


Come on out! Bring friends and family

Thanksgiving Market Saturday the 21st!

Forest Farmers Market

Come see us at the market this saturday! We will be there with a stock of chicken, turkeys for pick up PRE-ORDER only, several steaks, and fresh baked goods! Create your holiday table with pies, cookies, breads and more!

In door market address:1088 Rustic Village Road

  The market will be open from 8:00am-12:00. Come stock your pantry!

For those who are picking up a turkey please come by 11:30.

Customer Review:

“Want to tell you all about how wonderful our turkey was! Thank you so much for a moist, tender and flavorful turkey that we all loved and ate sooooo very much of.!!!!!
We enjoyed the beautiful fall day last week and the drive out to pick up the bird and to see your lovely farm in its awesome location.”

~ Satisfied Customer

Farm Girl Note:



Farming life is so exciting it rarely slows down, but winter is approaching soon where we hope for a little more quiet. This Friday, with several friends, we will be processing our last batch of birds: the Turkeys! Then Saturday we will have a pickup day here on the farm. Turkey pickup day is always a fun day seeing lots of friends and customers along with selling our turkeys.


A few days ago two of our boys who usually do the evening turkey chores were out hunting (tis the season), my sister and I headed up to the turkeys. As we drove around the corner of trees we saw that all the turkeys had escaped their fencing and were roaming the whole top of the field and tree line! The sun was sinking

quickly behind them. We had been expecting a quick stop. “I don’t believe it!” laments my sister as we pulled to a stop. Both of us surrounded the flock, opened a part in the fence, and shooed the majority of them inside but there were still about 10 reluctant ones hanging around the outer edge of the fence. As we both turned to get them, the turkeys in the pen began sneaking out! I jumped back to the opening. While Sheila gathered up the last few turkeys I did my best to keep the flock of huge

turkeys in. Over all, after the fence was pinned closed and all the fence stakes stomped in a few more times for extra security, we fed the turkeys and headed to our next task, happy that it would only be about 1 week more of tending to the turkey flock… I’ll share about processing day later though;-).


Give thanks both in the good times and bad! Since Thanksgiving is so close I will say that I am thankful for all of our customer and friend support! Without the Lord and you all this farming venture would be impossible! So thank you for supporting our farm and family. What are you thankful for today?