New Product Options!

We have a fresh supply of Grass Fed Beef!

In addition to the option of ordering individual cuts of meat, we have put together some value packages for your convenience and savings!

Your Order Can Be Picked up at:

Our Father’s Farm



Wyndhurst: Lynchburg

Cornerstone: Lynchburg

Downtown Lynchburg

First come first serve.  We have limited amounts, so be sure not to miss these great specials!

Farm House Value Packs:

Variety Pack $35.00 per 3.5 LB

Delicious steaks grilled dinner or to top a salad, along with a roast for barbaque etc!


1 Roast: chuck, london broil, or sirloin tip.

3 Steaks: Rib-eye, T-bone, New York Strip, or Sirloin.


You can personalize this package by choosing which roasts and steaks you would like!


Order Now


Bone Broth Special $20 per 7.00LB

Stock up on these nutritious bones so you can quickly make broth anytime! Grass fed beef bones are full of essential vitamins, minerals, and fats (from the marrow!)


1 Bag soup bones

1 Knuckle

1 Pack Marrow bones



Order Now


Family Pack $39.00 for 4LBs

Perfect for a grill night!  Hamburgers for the kids, and plenty to spare, while mom and dad get the deluxe steaks!  🙂  Ground beef can be seasoned as sausage, used in spaggetti sauce and many casseroles.  Delish!


3 LB Grass Fed Ground Beef

1 Rib-eye Steak

1 T-Bone Steak


Order Now


Fresh Eggs!

No Soy and Non GMO pasture raised eggs available!

Stock up now on these spring super-food eggs!


  1 Dozen $4.88


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Not what your looking for?

You can order whatever cut meats you would like! Click here for the full lineup.

Contact Info

Our Father’s Farm
2664 Deer View Rd

Gretna, VA 24557


Fresh eggs and grass fed beef in stock!

Fresh from our farm to your table!

Saturday 30 April, 2016

Open House / Field Day

Learn more about  “Our Father’s Farm” and enjoy the blessings!

Be sure to save the date to come and enjoy a great day in the country on a farm!

Fresh Eggs!

This beautiful weather has helped the chickens get back into laying lots of delicious NO-SOY and NON GMO pasture raised eggs!

Order your eggs for pick up or delivery.

$4.88  Per Dozen

For those of you who would like to continue enjoying these delicious eggs we encourage you to sign up for an automatic order of eggs that are delivered with your milk. This allows you to be at the top of the list when eggs do come short.

Simply contact us stating how many dozen eggs you would like and how often (weekly, 1st and 3rd weeks etc…)



Automatic Order Here!

We Have Beef!

Pure Grass Fed:

Ground Beef



Soup Bones

View detailed list here.

We tend to sell out quickly, so


 Our Father’s Farm
Phone: 434-656-1188  /   Email:

Chocolate Lab Puppies Spring 2016

A Lab Puppy from Our Father’s Farm is a friend you will cherish for years. Labrador Retrievers have an enduring reputation for gentle temperament, ease of handling and training, intelligence and loyalty. They are truly the perfect family pet!

We breed for quality  in health and not quantity of puppies. Read about how we raise our dogs.

“Daisy May” is expecting a litter!

Litter Due Date: We are expecting this beautiful liter around March 3rd.

Pick-up is  8 weeks after birth, around April 28th.  Email us or check back here for the exact dates.


Price and Deposit: The price for each puppy is $959.   A $200 deposit is required in order to secure your puppy!   Once the deposit is received along with your application, you are placed on our list and will be the first to know when the puppies are born.  When their eyes are opened we will number them and post pictures for you to select your puppy if you aren’t able to come to the farm.  The deposit is non-refundable unless we don’t have enough puppies to meet your request.

All these puppies will have CKC registration. The puppies will have nice even temperament’s and there parents have beautiful glossy coats. Expect these puppies to reach mature size around the 60-75 lb. range.


Click here to reserve your puppy!

About the Parents:

The Mother:

Daisy May. Click here to read about her!



The Father:



Bassil of Cedar Hill Retrievers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dogs:



The answer to this question makes our puppies among the best and healthiest you can find.  Our puppies are able to nurse their mother until you adopt them.  When other foods are introduced we feed them our very own “beyond organic” products from our own farm.  These include:  RAW cow’s milk from grass fed cows,  raw non GMO, non soy chicken and grass fed beef.  If necessary they are fed a dry grain free food.


They live in a large pen with a large dog shed connected to it, we let them out to play with us either a few at a time or all every day.  As they grow older they spend time with the other animals and are able to run around the farm.


They live with their mother the full 8 weeks (some choose to get their pups at 6 weeks). Mamma usually begins weaning them starting at 6 weeks.  They drink less and less from her as they get older and are usually fully weaned between 7 and 8 weeks.


Yes, they go to the vet for their Puppy wellness check up.  They are also given their first round of Shots and wormed .  Our vet (in Chatham, VA) raves about the wonderful health, beautiful teeth, and good temperaments of our litters.  We attribute this to the wonderful diet of mother and babies, and the healthy, active lifestyle they enjoy.


We have a large family with babies all the way up to our 89 year old grandmother.  The puppies are very well socialized with people, cats, other dogs (we also have livestock guardian dogs), and other farm animals.  The puppies live with each other and often socialize and play with the children and our other animals on the farm such as, cats, cows, chickens other dogs and more! Also our family of 9 children from ages 20-2  are often with them playing!


It is common for all puppies to be a little lonely at first. They may whine when they are alone at night but this will soon change as they get used to you and your schedule.

More Information:

All the puppies will either have CKC (Daisy) or ACK (Rosy)  registration depending on the mother. The puppies will have nice even temperament’s and there parents have beautiful glossy coats. Expect these puppies to reach mature size around the 60-75 lb. range.

Come visit the puppies by appointment just call or email us!

We strongly encourage you to place a deposit to secure your puppy!

Click here!

Fresh Chicken! Turkey Reservations and more!

Our Father’s Farm


From our farm to your table

Eat Fresh

Buy Local

Be Healthy

Support Community

If you would like fresh chickens to be delivered to the Forest Farmers Market or any of the delivery sites EMAIL or Call us! (434-656-1188)

Fresh Eggs!

Our flock of nearly 400 hens just began laying we have lots of eggs now so pre-order for delivery of come pick them up here on the farm or at the farmers market!

These eggs are not like the regular eggs you get they are PASTURE raised NO SOY and NO GMO. The yolks are full of necessary trace minerals and fats!

Nutritious and Delicious!


Grass fed beef in stock!



Product Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
Chuck Roast 1 per Package 2.5lb  $8.75/lb
Shoulder Roast 1 per Package 2.5lb  $8.75/lb
Rump Roast 1 per Package 2lb  $8.75/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast 1 per Package 2.25lb  $9.50/lb
Eye of Round Roast 1 per Package 2.25lb  $10.50lb
London Broil 1 per package 2lb  $10.50/lb



GRASS fed Ground Beef: $7.25


Beef Steaks:


Product Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
T Bone 1 per pack 0.5lb  $18.00/lb
Rib eye 1 per pack 0.5lb  $19.50/lb
Sirloin 1 per pack 1lb  $16.50/lb
New York Strip 1 per pack 0.3lb $19.50/lb
Filet Mignon 1 per pack 0.4lb  $24.00/lb


All the prices are per pound

FRESH Pasture Raised Chicken with non-GMO/Soy Free Grains

Products  Per Package Av. Weight Price per Lb.
Whole Chickens 1 4.5/lbs $4.75
Leg-Thighs 4 1.1/lbs $5.60
Breast Fillets 2 .75/lbs $14.95
Breast Tenderloins 6 .75/lbs $14.95
Wings 6-8 .75/lbs $5.10
Legs or Thighs 4-6 1.5/lbs $5.60
Liver & Hearts 1/lb pack 1 lb $4.50
Stewing Hens 1 3.5-4 lbs $12/each
Back/Necks 2 2.5/lbs $3.00

Thanksgiving turkeys!

It is only the beginning of September but we are raising a small flock of turkeys now! If you would like to get one of these special turkeys you should hurry!

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you, without a doubt that is the best turkey we’ve ever had. Moist, tender and delicious.

-Customer review

Reserve Turkey

To secure your turkey we ask that you put down a $40 deposit.

Farm Girl Note “Corn Pick’in”

An evening at our house…

It started just as dinner was finishing and dishes being cleared, Dad and Mom said that a neighbor had called and asked for us to come by and pick some corn in their patch. So after dishes were done and buckets gathered we went outside to load up.

But then a problem struck us. Sam had the van for work and we had our whole family (11 Fuhrmanns) and our cousins (3 of them) so we decided to get Josh’s truck and our car. It took some creativity and extra time, but soon everyone was crammed into the cab, car and the back of the pick up. When we arrived at the neighbors house we all climbed out and said hello and than guess what he said “Alrighty you guys just follow me the corn’s about a mile away” WHAT? We laughed and said “OK lets all see how fast we can load back up”

Now that’s a challenge! 14 people climbing and scrambling into 2 vehicles was definitely a sight but we did it and arrived safely at the corn patch. We all hopped out grabbed a bucket and started picking… several minutes later and lots of buckets full of corn later me and Sheila (my “corn picking buddy”) started walking back through the patch to the truck. Danny and Van Louis (our cousin) dashed by in a full fledged game of hide and seek and than we came upon John settled in the dirt murdering “bad beetles” with rocks 🙂


Group picture.

Soon we had all the corn (and children) loaded and headed home hot and laughing. Oh and by the way the night was finished off with volleyball and soccer :-). Things are always way more fun when the whole family works together! Spending the precious time we have been given with each other is a wonderful thing.

Colossians 3:16


Some picture from recently:

IMG_5884 edited
A gorgeous sunset!
We just processed so stock up on chicken!
We have summer butter available for herd share customers!
Sheila and Peace collecting eggs.


Grass fed Chicken and Beef ready for grilling season!

Our Father’s Farm

Fresh from our farm to your table

The Fourth of July Is a great reason to grill!

Our Father’s Farm has FRESH chicken and beef in stock! Order while supplies last, we usually sell out of beef very quickly!

This chicken is not only a deliicous & filling food but it is also highly nutritious and naturally raised!

Fresh ChickenWe have all our choices of chicken in stock!NOTE: all prices below are per pound. All chicken is fed non-gmo and soy free grain.Whole Chickens $4.75

Leg quarters $5.60

Breasts & Tenders $14.95

Wings $5.10

Liver $4.50

Necks & Backs $3.00



Fresh Grass Fed BeefWe just got a stock of all our beef in! We SELL OUT VERY QUICKLY so don’t miss it!Grass fed beef is a wondeful source of omega-3, be sure that you are feeding your body what it really needs to survive!-Ground Beef $8.50

-Roasts: Chuck Roast, Rump, Sirloin, Shoulder, London Broil, Eye of round.

-Steaks: T-Bone, Rib-eye, Sirloin, Fillet.

-Beef bones

-Stew meat

See our price list! (recently updated)

Come pick up at the farm On Wednesday and Saturday or order you products to be dropped off at:


Down Town

Corner Stone


West Lake


Come visit us at the Forest Farmers Market Saturdays from 8-12!

For FOREST FARMER’S market we strongly recommend pre ordering! We sold out of chicken breasts the first hour last week.  If we know what you want we can come prepared and your order will be ready, ticketed and waiting for you to pick up!

If you are a milk customer remember that you are paying a small fee for your milk to be delivered you are also going to the drop site weekly to pick up your milk so why not order some other products with it too?

John David

Farm Girl Note

On a fine, but hot, summer day I was nearly at the end of my hike to the hen house to do my evening chores. In one hand I had dog food (for the Great Pyrenees Guard Dog on post) and an egg basket, while the other hand was sometimes occupied by John David’s little hand.  He was more often diverted by a big cricket hopping in front of him or  a pretty flower… As I walked a long with the little blond head bouncing next to me I stopped to turn on the pump for the hens, in my momentary pause John scampered on to the hen house, “No harm” I thought as I kept going.

When I got to the hen house I fed and petted the dog, and also fed and watered the chickens.  I then looked around the house hastily for John but he was nowhere to be seen… as I hurried up to the chicken house door I saw a small boot disappearing through the small chicken door (the tiny one cut out for the chickens to use!). I got to the door and carefully opened it and there, proudly standing in the middle of the chicken house, with happy hens clucking around him, stood John with a huge smile spread across his face.  He reached up to me with a brown egg in his hand and as I looked at him he cheerfully sang “EGGS!” I caught him up in a big hug and then we finished collecting the other eggs “heggs” he says, and carried them home. As I went along I pondered on that little scene.

The thought came to me of how so many little kids and even adults do not know where their food comes from. Of course if you ask an adult where  milk or eggs came from they would say cows or chickens, but do they really know how those chickens live or what they are fed? I am very thankful for all that I know, but it is saddening and scary at how the industry has really been able to hide the truth behind faux happy stories and pretty pictures. We all know it’s not all glamor and fun out there in the world of industrial food production. There are some hidden secrets that we should know.

Now I am not a food freak, but I have been educated in the truth.  The Lord has given us amazing bodies and he has also given us the choice on how to take care of them!  I strive and hope to keep my body nourished and strong so that wherever God calls me I can go and serve Him. Keeping our bodies in a state of fitness and energy is necessary so we are equipped for life’s challenges!  I am so thankful for the good real nourishing food our family is blessed to raise.  I know it is helping us to all grow healthy and strong.

It is wonderful to know that our chores, all the sacrifices and hard work,  help so many other families become healthy and strong too.

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ…” 1 Corinthians 5:20.   We are God’s lights to shine in the darkness.  Be strong and of good courage!  More important than being mighty in body is being mighty in spirit! Remember:



~Hope Fuhrmann

Timmy grilling our delicious dinner!

June Update

Our Father’s Farm

From our farm to your table

Eat Fresh

Buy Local

Be Healthy

Support Community

A new little Healthy A2A2 heifer that will stay with her mother for 10 months nursing and learning.  She will grow into a healthy happy milk cow in about 2 years and hopefully join the herd!

Special product!

FRESH Chicken

John David and Josh unloading the chicks.


What’s so special about this chicken you may ask. Well let me answer… pasture raised chicken fed NO-SOY and Non-GMO grains! Here are a few differences those three things make in producing a quality super food!


Sadly you are not safe eating the meats that are available in the grocery stores. They try to make you satisfied with happy green labels that say all natural or cage free etc etc. But what really is under that label? What are you feeding your family?  Just say no to CAFO…Watch this to see.


Here are some disturbing facts that researchers have found:


  • Over 90 percent of all chicken meat and eggs sold in the US come from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
  • One hidden health hazard of CAFO foods is food borne illness, which last year alone struck more than 19,000 out of a population of 48 million residents; 38 percent of illnesses were caused by salmonella
  • Drug-resistant infections from contaminated foods are also on the rise. In 2013, the Environmental Working Group found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in 39 percent of raw chicken parts… read more


We just processed chicken yesterday! Order while supplies last!

Order here!

View the full product and price list.   

Delivery, Farmer’s Markets, and Store

This year we have been branching off in many different directions.  We now have 3 different drop locations in Lynchburg and are delivering to Roanoke and Westlake as well. We are also starting to go to the Forest Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  And on Wednesday & Saturdays our farm store is open.  You are warmly welcome!  Come and visit the store and see  the animals and hang out.  We love to connect with our customers face to face.


Make a day of it shop in the store and visit the animals, we would love to see you!

News Flash!

Beef is on its way! But remember it always goes very fast, if you would like to get some beef order soon!


Our Father’s Farm Beef 

– Eat PURE grass

– Grows naturally with plenty of space

– Moves to fresh pasture

– Are not fed any hormones or antibiotics


When cows are raised the normal way the way they were designed, they are able to grow healthy and happy.  These blessed animals give use foods that make us healthy and happy.

Support your locals farms and your health!

Easy Chicken Burritos

10 whole wheat tortillas
2 cups cooked chicken
1 cup shredded cheese (I use white cheddar)
1 cup salsa
Sea salt and/or chili powder to taste

Chop cooked chicken into tiny pieces or run it through a food processor.  Stir together shredded chicken, cheese, salsa and spices.  Spoon mixture into a warm, soft tortilla.  Wrap and serve.

The Fuhrmann Family:


January Update

Our Father’s Farm

From Our Farm to your fork!

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Outside during the winter it is quiet and still down here on the farm.  Everyone does their best to stay warm:) But inside it is quite a different thing! Everyone is bustling around with their daily duties and lessons.  We just started up music lessons again and are all thoroughly enjoying it! The house is now filled with music almost all the time with six children practicing! Winter is a wonderful time for us to do lots of book work! For the spring summer and fall months are always full of fun hard work learning lots outside and tending our flocks and herds:) Living on a farm has its ups and downs but at the end of the day, when you fall into you bed, you really feel like your day was profitable and you are always learning new lessons that will help all your life! Wherever you are and whatever you do there are always ups and downs in life. But the most important thing is to not worry and trust in the LORD!  Take each moment and cherish it!  Time flies and before you know it you will be in a different place.  Let’s live without regrets and  treasure the most important things:  God and People.  So be happy now and share the LOVE of  Christ to all!



Our girls:  Got RAW milk?!we’re expecting some new calves sometime soon!  We’ll keep you posted if more shares become available once they freshen.  For now:


What would you like with your milk?

Yogurt: $4.00

Kefer: $4.00


The above products are only available to herd share customers.

{Working together!} 

Chicken available: A nutritous health-giving choice!


We have chicken available! Whole and parts!  Make sure to order yours before we sell out… we won’t have fresh chickens for another 10 weeks.  Try a whole roasted chicken and don’t forget to make and enjoy the delicious bone broth once you finish!


Little John David loves helping outside with his older siblings!  One of his first words was “Eggs” because egg yolks were his first solid food!  He loves to go out and collect his own snacks 🙂



Order chicken



View products online

We can bring our products to you!

Lynchburg, Roanoke and Westlake or come shop at the

Farm Store on our farm!

ORDER today for delivery!

Products available listed below:

Beef: Roasts, Steaks and grass finished beef

Chicken: Whole chicken and limited amounts of Breasts, tenders, legs thighs, and wings


Ordering your food now is important because this plentiful stock will not last for ever:)

Thank you for supporting us!

-Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family team.

Address 2664 Deer View Road

Gretna, VA 24557

Phone: 434-656-1188

Cell: 757-630-9822


Happy New year!

Our Father’s Farm 

From our farm to your fork!


New Year 2015

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family wish you a Happy New Year!

We are stocked with beef!

The beef that we are stocked with is not pure grass fed which means that they have had some feed in there life.


We strive to raise our beef humanly and natruelly the way God intends them to be raised. In the picture on the left Josh is moving the cows to fresh grass.

Not only delicious but medicinal!

This is a busy season full of colds, flus and more! People everywhere are coming down with different things… have you?…

 Stay healthy through flu season! 


Pasture raised chicken is one of the best ways to stay healthy this season! 


Be sure to order some chicken and after you have enjoyed it your favorite way be sure to keep the bones!


Put all the bones (after you have taken all the meat off) in a pot and cover the bones with water, then add a little salt and that is it!

If you would like you can add other things like, a little wine, an onion, some chicken feet, clean good egg shells etc. After atleat 45 minutes your broth is ready! You can just drink this flavorful delicious broth or make it into soups sauces and casseroles!

Make your new years order!


                                       Order beef!

                                      View full list.


Merry Christmas From Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

December 2014

And The Fuhrmann Family.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Joy to the World the LORD is come!

Your Last Chance to order before Christmas!


   A Roasted Christmas Chicken?

Delicious and nutritious meals are a wonderful addition to your holidays!


$4.25/lb $4.75/lb no-soy

Chicken Breasts and tenders:


Breasts: each pack is usually 1lb or a little smaller


 Tender: each pack is usually 1/2 a lb.



Leg/Thighs and Wings:

Leg/Thighs: ​$4.95/lb or $5.60/lb no-soy

Wings: $4.50/lb or $5.10/lb no-soy





Beef Available soon!


Be sure not to miss our beef! We are stocked with delicious beef. Put your order in now because our beef goes fast!

We will be emailing soon with the news of its arrival.

Our Father’s




Turkey Pick up day Highlights


Herding the turkeys to there new pen was an interesting challenge:)


John David in his Chicken suit:)

IMG_2103Every one was so helpful in doing the normal chores and helping bring the day together:)


Setting everything up.


 Above is the group that processed all the turkeys the Friday before thanksgiving, thank you to all the  wonderful friends who  came out and helped so much on this fun day! 🙂


Thanks to our wonderful team with the Wingers, Richardsons and Specks on Saturday every thing went beautifully!




Weighing each turkey and bagging them per customer.



Everyone enjoyed the bake sale.



Praise God we all had a wonderful day full of fun fellowship and sales! We couldn’t do this with out you! Thank you for your prayers, friendship and support!

On this Thanksgiving we, the team at Our Father’s Farm, thank God for…



Happy Thanksgiving!


~Thank you for supporting your local family farm!

The  Fuhrmann Family

Fall Chicken Sale!

Fall Chicken Sale!

Stock up on fresh chicken.

We’re running a great sale so that you can stock up on yummy pasture raised, NON GMO and NON SOY chicken! Don’t miss your chance.    We’re also winding down in chicken production so plan how much you will need to tide you over until spring chickens 🙂 We will be processing other chickens later this month that have been raised on a non GMO feed with soy for those of you that want to wait.

Come shop at the farm! Or place an order to be picked up at one of our drop sites:

Our Farm Store open Wednesday and Saturday

Westlake (Tuesday)

Roanoke (Tuesday)

Lynchburg (Friday)

Chicken Sale Coupon.

Buy $90 and get 10% off!

coupon code: fallsale

coupon valid threw: 10/15


Whole Chicken

Weight varies between: 3-8 lbs

$4.75 per lb

Chicken Breasts

($7.47 per 1/2lb)

Chicken Tenders

($7.47 per 1/2lb)


$4.95 per lb


Below are other products available:

Our Beef sells out  quickly. Order yours soon!

Roasts and Steaks!

– Rib-eye

– Sirloin

– New York Strip

– Tenderloins and fillets

-Chuck Roast

– Eye of round

– London Broil

and more

 Ground Beef

Pure Grass Fed

$7.25 /LB



Raw grass fed milk is a super food.

IMG_3313 (Small)

Raw Milk Herd shares and products available!

Products Available

Our Father’s Farm

Eat Fresh

Buy Local

Be Healthy

Support Community

We have natural, pasture raised, NON GMO and Non SOY,


Chicken  Available

Attention:We have delicious chicken ready for you to eat!

Stock up on some delicious healthy chicken!  Our chickens are super healthy and get to run around in green pasture enjoying, lots of sun, yummy (for them) grass and bugs, and getting plenty of light and clean fresh space!

Whole Chickens
Price per lb $4.95

Price is around


Price is around


Price is around


Pasture raised, Non GMO, Delicious Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Turkey Reservations

Raw grass fed milk is a super food.

IMG_3313 (Small)

Raw Milk
Herd shares and products available!

Farm Girl Note:


Boy! Down here on Our Father’s Farm we have been so busy! The mornings are always full of chores inside and out which include milking all 23 of our wonderful cows, cleaning everything up and putting up the milk.  We quickly get to the rest of the chores–tending the flock of about 200 laying hens, tending to four different flocks of chickens and turkeys and feeding milk to eight cute calves! Then, the rest of the days are full of whatever needs to be done–making butter, moving cows etc. This is a very, very busy time here on the farm but we are all enjoying it!  And we all hope that you are enjoying the fruits of our labor.


~Hope Fuhrmann

Our Father’s Farm
All Rights Reserved.


Our Commitment  (Click to View)


Contact us.

Home: 434-656-1188
Cell: 757-630-9822


Healthy Eating Healthy Living Seminar this Saturday 10/11  contact us for details!

Follow us on facebook!



Chicken Available

We would love to hear from you! What your

experience was with the products you have purchased with Us!

Write your testimony

Fresh Chicken available

Our Father’s Farm has Fresh Pasture Raised Non GMO and Non Soy chicken available

 Don’t miss your chance to get the best tasting chicken ever!

Pre Order 

your fresh whole chickens and parts now

for delivery! Or come out to the farm! 

Delivery sites: Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Westlake.

Whole chickens: 

No-Soy $4.75 per pound.

weight varies.


($14.95 per pound)


($14.95 per pound)

   Leg Thigh Packs:

($5.60 per pound)


($4.75 per pound)


Turkey Reservations Availble!

To reserve your turkey click here!

Be sure not to miss a wonderful turkey for your Thanksgiving!

To learn more about how we raise our turkeys and prices click here! 

Raw Milk Herd Shares Availble! Click to learn more!


Due to the cost of Non soy feed we have increased the Price for Non gmo and Non soy chicken.

We will have a fresh stock of Just Non gmo chicken October 15th.


Thank you for supporting your local family farm!

Web site:

Phone: 434-656-1188