Farmer Note Part 2

Farmer Note Part 2

Here is the second part to: Emergency on the Farm ~By one of the Farm boys.

Click here to read part 1 if you missed it.

Continued from part one …Someone stepped out in front of the barn, “there’s a cow emergency” he shouted again. The person spun around and ran behind the barn. Knowing help was on the way Edmund made a smooth but speedy U-turn and sped back the way he had come. When he got back to the scene, the cow looked the same.

He ran to where she was lying and was soon joined by Eric who had followed in the truck. Together they began pushing and pulling trying to get her out of the ditch. After some time and with the help of the tractor the cow slid up and out of the muddy rivet. As soon as the cow was on level ground again, Eric pushed her up on her right side without difficulty. The cow looked dazed for a few seconds, but then began looking around, it will get better soon thought Edmund! “well” said Eric, “that was a close one! She would’ve been a goner if we hadn’t of got her in time.” “no Kidding” agreed Edmond as he walked back to the tractor and got on it, “that would’ve been a bad loss”! “yeah” replied Eric, heading for his truck. “well see ya later, I’m back to work.” “alright, same here” Said Edmund, he cranked up the good old tractor and rumbled off to finish his chores.

The cow was soon on her own four feet again and in a few days was none the worse for her near-death experience!

~Farm boy

John lending a hand with the chores.

Good moooorning from Swiss the cow, she is on the wrong side of the fence. 😉

Our family was blessed with some time away to the OBX!

Farm Girl Note: A Moon-lit Cow Chase

As you all probably know our farm manager (& brother) Josh is engaged to be married in November. Well, he was able to go visit his fiancé a few days ago and just a few hours after he left we got a call that some cows were out. Several of us got in the van and drove three-quarters of a mile away to where the cow’s pasture is. In the glare of the headlights, we spotted our bull and seven other cows next to the road munching on the neighboring field. We hopped out and began shooing them up the road and back to our field; it was so dark we could hardly see the dark outline of the cows against the horizon. We split up and I soon was alone chasing the bull and two cows up the hill and then into the gate of our pasture which should be an easy task. 😊 as we walked up the road the bull began this awful low angry bellow as I waved and shooed at him, I soon realized that cows in our other herd across the road were in heat and our bull was upset that he could not get to them. He ran up to the fence around the buildings with the cows following him. Finally, after chasing them around with our little phone lights we were able to get them into our field and secure. We wearily walked home under a beautiful canopy of stars and wondered why the cows always get out when Josh is gone…? It’s still a question we’re asking and were worried about the week-long honeymoon that is coming up and guessing what kind of adventures we’re bound to have when he’s not here to manage things 🙂 It makes you appreciate all a person does when they’re not around. Very thankful for family, for life, and for our gracious God! Happy Thanksgiving time!




Beautiful Rainbow reminding us of Gods promises!

A Seminar Kim spoke at in September.
Amazing Sunrise over the farm!
Our Family had a wonderful time away at the beach in October.