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Journey To Health One Day Seminar!

~Child of God, mom of nine, nourishing superfood farm owner :-), and CNHP Kim Fuhrmann

Teaches a one-day seminar on Divine design and personal responsibility with regard to health.

“Everyone of us is on our own journey with our own choices to make.  People perish for lack of knowledge.  That was the case with us once upon a time.  Thankfully, God intervened and took us on a wonderful journey where we’ve been deepening our understanding of Him, how He created us, and the mercies and grace available in creation that make us stronger.  Come learn with us and let your own journey begin or deepen as you learn to better care for and nourish yourself and those you love. ”  -Love and Grace, Kim

Learn the “pillars of health” how God designed our bodies and the simple, often free, things we can do to cooperate with that design in order to achieve better health and wellness.

Topics of learning and hands-on experience include:

  • 14 pillars of health, so that you can make lifestyle choices that will help you thrive and not just survive.
  • How to switch to natural, nutrient dense local foods
  • how to make the most of these more expensive real foods
  • Lacto and salt brine fermentation procedures (make your own multivitamins, enzymes, and minerals!)
  • kefir and kefir cheese
  • what to do with Whey
  • kombucha, what it is, why you want it and how to brew it yourself
  • grinding, soaking, and baking with whole grains
  • building an herbal/homeopathic health and “first aid kit” and how to use basic herbs and remedies for home health
  • what YOU can do when someone in your family gets sick
  • make your own green cleaning supplies… and MORE J


Where:  Our Father’s Farm 2664 Deer View Rd, Gretna VA 24557  

Cost:  $75 per person  (spouses can come with you for an additional $65)

Contact Kim:     (434)656-1188   email:

Price includes the seminar,  a farm tour, hands-on kitchen experience with some make and enjoy Lacto-fermented veggies and condiments, booklet of information, recipes and ideas, containing references and sources for topics discussed for future reference and lunch and snacks made from Our Father’s Farm fresh ingredients!

We look forward to seeing some of you for an exciting day of learning, tasting, seeing, and doing!

Student Testimonies:



“This seminar is a ‘must’ for anyone who is struggling with how to manage a healthy diet and lifestyle!  Kim’s knowledge and passion for the topic is inspiring and invigorating.  I was so impressed with how comprehensive it was covering food, medicine, beauty, even exercise!  I’m filled with a new determination- fueled by Kim’s example- to incorporate these exciting (and delicious!) changes into my home for the health and well-being of my family.” -Leah

“I loved hearing Kim’s journey to healthy eating- it is empowering & filled with encouragement.  I walked away from the workshop with knowledge, motivation and the desire to take the time to provide & prepare my best to serve my family.  I enjoyed the hands-on time in the kitchen learning a new way to prepare healthy food. Kim speaks through experience and her convictions and joy for what she shares is amazing.”


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