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Small family farm providing pasture raised beef, poultry, and eggs. We also supply Raw-Milk through herd-shares, all-natural fresh-baked goods, and seasonal produce to Lynchburg, Roanoke,Danville, and beyond.

Turkey Reservations Available!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Aug-19-2014

From Our Farm to Your Fork

Our Father’s Farm has turkeys!

Reserve yours Now!

Reserve early and you can choose the size of your turkey!

We know it is a little early to be thinking about your thanksgiving turkey… But at Our Father’s Farm, we just picked up our little Turkey chicks!

“It was the best turkey our family ever tasted! And more meat then we’d ever seen!”

-Customer Testimony

NON SOY or NOT? You can choose:

If you would like a NON SOY turkey this year then please notify us Soon! We will raise a smaller amount of NON SOY turkeys and the rest will be fed a non GMO feed that has soy in it. 

Email us!

NOTE: ALL TURKEYS RAISED On OUR FATHER’S FARM ARE NON GMO, pastured and never medicated!  And incidentally, delicious!! :)

What’s different about Our Father’s Farm Turkeys?

From a young age these little chicks are raised on NON GMO feed. They stay in a nice airy brooder for two weeks while they grow feathers and mature. They are soon moved out to the field where they enjoy fresh air, grass and bugs! These turkeys live strong happy and healthy lives here! They are never given antibiotics, medications, or GMOs. 


Reserving and picking up my Special O.F.F Turkey:

To reserve your turkey:

- Simply

Email    or    Call us: (434)-656-1188

$4.95/lb. The Turkeys will be between 14 & 20 pounds. A $20 deposit will reserve you a Turkey, then you come with the family out to the farm on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to pick up your Turkey freshly cleaned and ready for cooking. Some choose to freeze and save it for Christmas. 


We will be posting more news about the Saturday pick up day. It is usually a wonderful day full of fun things to do and see on the farm! 

WARNING: We only have a limited amount of turkeys so don’t miss you chance to order the best turkey for your thanksgiving

Farm Girl Note:

When turkeys are younger they are very vulnerable to sickness and need to be Carefully taken care of. But when they are older they are so hardy that they will not use a shelter!

Well one cold fall day we were expecting a heavy rain fall.

We knew the turkeys would not use there shelter even if it did rain and get very cold.

So for that night Dad moved our Cattle trailer into the turkey pen and all of us went and helped chase every one of those big turkeys into our Cattle trailer for the night.

We had fun doing it and we did not loose any turkeys that night!”

~Hope Fuhrmann



Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Jun-27-2014


Our Father’s Farm

Eat Fresh

Buy Local

Be Healthy

Support Community


Its Grilling season! Order your fresh Poultry NOW!


If you have a large family or would just like to stock up on Fresh Beyond organic, fed Non GMO/ No-Soy feed, pasture raised poultry, then this is the time to take advantage of our Sale.


SALE! Purchase an Order of Chicken $80 or more and get 10% off your entire order!


Use our coupon code  10%chickensale

Expires  7/5/14


You may Order at the Farm store or order for delivery to either one of our sites.

Lynchburg (every Friday) Roanoke (every Tuesday)

Our Store is open Wednesdays and Saturdays.

IMG_5776 (Small) Whole Chickens:

Price: $4.10 per pound.

whole chickens weigh between 4-6 pounds.

Order your Chicken today!



For our favorite yummy recipes click here! kims recipes on our website


IMG_5768 (Small) Breasts: 


Breasts: Price $13.00 per pound.

The prices is for one pack of 2 breasts is usually between

$9.00 and $14.00.



IMG_5760 (Small) Leg Thighs and Wings: 


Leg Thighs: Price $4.95 per pound.

The price is usually in between $6.00 and $10.00.



Wings: Price $4.50 per pound. The price is usually in between $2.00 and $3.00.      ORDER! 


IMG_5763 (Small) Tenderloins: 


Tenders: Price $13.00 per pound.

The price for 1 pack of tenders is usually between $6.00 and $8.00. 





Contact us!

Phone: 434-656-1188 or 757-630-9822

Email: info@ourfathersfarmva.com

Website: Our Father’s Farm


Fresh Chicken!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on May-30-2014


Our Father’s Farm

Eat fresh

Buy Local

Be healthy

Support community

From Our Farm to Your Fork!



We processed almost 200 chickens yesterday.

Now we have fresh chicken in stock. 

Whole chickens $4.10/lb

Breast pack $13.00/lb

Tender Loins $13.00/lb

Leg Thigh Pack $4.95/lb

Wings $4.50/lb

These Chickens are raised on fresh luscious grass pasture and were fed Non GMO all natural chicken feed from sunrise farms. 

Our Father’s Farm animals are raised naturally, on lush grass pasture ensuring the healthiest, best tasting food around.  We subscribe to natural old time farming techniques that cultures have used for generations around the world.  We don’t use hormones, animal by-products, synthetic chemicals, or antibiotics.

“Imitate nature and trust the Lord”


To order any of the products reply to this email listing which products you would liked delivered with your milk

Tel: (434)-656-1188

Email:  orders@ourfathersfarmva.com

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557





How the Open House/Field Day went

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on May-9-2014

We are praising the Lord for his goodness and  mercy in allowing us such a perfect day for the Open House/Field day! He enabled the right people to come and everything to get set up and done exactly how He wanted!


Here are some of the pictures that were taken of the fun day!

We are thankful to everyone that made the effort to come out and visit us for the day!


With about 300 attendants, lots of sales, lots of fun and lots of learning! The day was a great success! 


IMG_3400 (Small)


Above: Peace at the baking table while we were setting up.

IMG_3435 (Small)

IMG_3409 (Small)

Elise, Sheila and Lydia at the bake table.

Milking Demonstration!

 IMG_3450 (Small)

IMG_3463 (Small)

IMG_3649 (Small)

IMG_3437 (Small)

IMG_3447 (Small)

Joy did a great job playing with all the little children that came!

Below: The chicks were so cute and fun!

IMG_3484 (Small)

IMG_3621 (Small)

The Garden and Bees:

IMG_3491 (Small)

The Broiler Chickens:

IMG_3500 (Small)

IMG_3505 (Small)

A hay ride around the farm viewing all the animals and how they live!

A great learning experience for everyone!

IMG_3522 (Small)

Farmer Jack:)

IMG_3521 (Small)

IMG_3538 (Small)

The main key of our natural farming is 

“Imitating Nature and Trusting in the Lord!”


The Dairy Cows:

IMG_3543 (Small)

IMG_3685 (Small)

Josh moving the dairy cows to fresh grass.

IMG_3539 (Small)

The Laying Hens:

IMG_3556 (Small)

IMG_3568 (Small)

IMG_3586 (Small)

Sheila at the registration table

IMG_3421 (Small)

Sarah and Kyra worked hard in the kitchen baking! Enabling us to provide fresh baked goods! Yum Yum!

IMG_3655 (Small)

IMG_3735 (Small)

After things calmed down all the girls gathered to talk under the bake table tent.

It was so fun to work with friends

IMG_3747 (Small)

IMG_3612 (Small)

IMG_3754 (Small)

Timmy’s wood work! If you would like to order click here

email: timmyswoodwork@ourfathersfarmva.com

IMG_3776 (Small)

It was good to see so many friends at the open house!

IMG_3791 (Small)

The Team:

Left to right back row: Sarah Engle, Peace, Kyra Marken, Olivia Meggs, Hope, Lydia Meggs, Kim/Mom, Elise Meggs, Sophia Meggs, Sheila, 

Left to right front row: Joy, Josh, John David, Adam Hall, Elijah Meggs, Danny, Timmy, Jack/Dad, Joshua Meggs, Sam,


Thank you all so much for your support! We hope to see you all soon!


 We would love to hear from you! To comment click here!

Open House/Field Day!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Apr-26-2014


Date: May 3rd 2014

Time: 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Tour Times: First tour, 11:00 Second tour, 2:00

Where: Our Father’s Farm 

2664 Deer View Road Gretna, VA 24557

Rain Date: May 10th 2014

Directions! Click Here.

There is an Our Father’s Farm sign at the top of our Drive way also there will be a sign that says Open House. If you need any help please Call, 434-656-1188.

Come out and see the farm! See how it works, see the animals enjoy a bit of country time with your whole family and friends! Be hear for a farm tour! To view the whole farm life! Hold little baby chicks, pet  cows and feel the coarse main of a horse, collect fresh eggs straight from the chicken house, snuggle fluffy 8 week old puppies and more!

Learn more about our father’s farm and enjoy what great things the LORD has done for us! 

Come and a have a great day in the country on a farm!

What is there to do? 


See touch and learn about the FARM and ANIMALS!

There will be  2 farm tours in the day

The first tour will be held at 11:00 and the second will be held at 2:00.

You will see and learn about: 

The milk cows, calves, chicks, broiler chickens, laying hens, the horse, dogs and maybe puppies, cats and kittens! 

Bonus! There will be a milking demonstration and milk samples.

What kind of animals can we see?

There will be Cows and calves! Laying hens, broiler (meat) chickens, chicks, Our chocolate lab puppy 2 big great Pyrenees Dogs and great Pyrenees puppies!, Cats and maybe kittens! A horse, a donkey and more!


A bed for the night, Breakfast Lunch and dinner if you choose to stay!

If your name is drawn you and one other person can come to Our Father’s Farm! Spend a comfortable night in the farm house wake up in the morning with the cocks crow come out and milk cows, feed chickens, collect eggs, herd cows, tend to chicks, and more! Than enjoy a hearty farmers breakfast!!! 

Enjoying the rest of your day how ever you like sitting by the still pond enjoying the scenery, or giving a hand with what ever is going on, if you would like you can work in the house baking fresh bread making pies and more! 

Come and enjoy a farm life just for 24 hours! It will be the best time you have had in a long time!!!!

More about the drawing!

Come to our open house and put your name in the drawing by:

Buying $15 of products in our store, we will offer you to put your name, phone number and address on a paper in the drawing basket! The name will be drawn at 4:00pm assuring that everyone you wanted to join the drawing have had a fair chance to do so. The name which is draw will be contacted. And we will plan intuitive dates for the day!

Late spring, Summer, or early fall are the best times of year!


Bring a pick nick and hang out on the farm!

There will be picnicking areas and we will be selling baked goods and some snack bars, candies, and cheese. 

Will the store be open and what will be able to buy?

Yes the store will be open to all who come! There will be fresh whole chickens, and chicken parts, leg thigh packs, tender loins, breast, and wings, There will be ground beef, steaks, roasts, stew meat and bones, Eggs, and all the other things will sale in the store (a small health food store type). Also there might be baked goods! Such as whole wheat bread, cakes and cookies.

How do I contact you if I have questions?

Email or call us!

Tel: (434)-656-1188

Email:  orders@ourfathersfarmva.com


2014 Great Pyrenees Puppies!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Apr-11-2014

We have been really busy getting ready for the spring and summer! For our farm this is the busiest time of the year! We’re also busy getting ready for our 

Annual Open House/Field day, May 3rd 2014 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm there will be two really fun farm tours at 11:00 and 2:00. If you would like to learn more or if you have questions             click here!

This season is full of Hard work, fun, Hot sun, swimming, having homemade ice cream, and so many other fun and hard things that come!:) But one of my favorites is that this is the season of New Birth! 

So with Birth in mind look at the rest of this post:)

Earlier on the web I posted about Great Pyrenees Puppies. We had a litter in February so I am going to show you some pictures we took of them a few days ago they are about 5 weeks old.

(Click on pictures to them larger)

girl (Small)

Above: Is the only female great Pyrenees puppy:)

IMG_2076 (Small)

Above, Is one of the adorable Great Pyrenees Puppies!

IMG_1951 (Small)

They are so fun to have!

IMG_1962 (Small)

IMG_1971 (Small)

IMG_1974 (Small)

All eight of the Puppies are living up with there mother in a dog house that is next to the chicken house. They love it!

IMG_1976 (Small)

Above: It is so fun to watch them play!

IMG_1993 (Small)

They are  growing so fast! All of them enjoy fresh raw milk as often as it is available.

IMG_2011 (Small)

Me and Josh organizing the “Litter” shoot.

IMG_2024 (Small)

We took lots of pictures but this was on of the best:)

IMG_2047 (Small)

Puppies having a fun time together! Growing up in a healthy happy environment.

IMG_2056 (Small)

Three of the cute boys!

IMG_2071 (Small)


Baby things are the cutest sweetest and my favorite things in the World!

From my baby brothers and sisters, to kittens, puppies, calves, foals and colts, chicks, ducklings, and all the other baby things they all give so much joy!

If you would like to come out and see the puppies and other farm animals your self this is a perfect season! Just give us a call  (434)-656-1188 or email us info@ourfathersfarmva.com.

Posted by: Hope Fuhrmann

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Spring is in the air!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Mar-20-2014

Hope and Dasiy

Hope and Daisy May.


by A.A. Milne

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
“Winter is dead.”

IMG_0528 (Small)

 IMG_0484 (Small)

Above: Timmy and Dad’s brother, Uncle Alain getting ready to move the chickens.

IMG_0553 (Small)

Above: John David enjoys standing in the feed can and giving tiny handfuls of alfalfa to the sweet cows.   They love him!

IMG_0597 (39) (Small)

Above: Pretty Daisy!

I have been blessed

song: author unknown.

“When He moves among us, all that he dos, all of his goodness, and all of his love;

if the pen of the writer could write every day, even this world could never contain how I have been blessed.

The warmth in the winter the flowers  of spring, the laughter in summer; and the changing of leaves, oh I have been blessed!…”

IMG_0577 (Small)

Above:  Clover,  one of the  sweet healthy heifers.

 IMG_0578 (31) (Small)

Above: Kefir and Honey, two of our wonderful cows


Above: Timmy enjoying the water!

IMG_0617 (14) (Small)

Spring is in the air!

by Sheila Fuhrmann

It’s what chases off the cold,

It’s the season of new birth;

It makes the colors bold,

And brings life from dismal earth.

All earth is full of light,

And grows without a care;

Life  sing with all your might,

For… spring is in the air!

 IMG_0629 (Small)

IMG_0609 (9) (Small)IMG_0620 (Small) (2)

IMG_0228 (Small)

 May our God richly bless you all as you enter this beautiful season!

wishing you a…


With love from the team at ‘Our Father’s Farm’ 

Jack & Kim









and John David

IMG_0034 (Small)

Posted by Sheila


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Great Pyrenees Puppies!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Mar-18-2014

Our Father’s Farm

Great Pyrenees Live Stock Guarding Dogs


We have 10 Great Pyrenees puppies 8 males and 2 females

Born: March, 10th 2014

Price:  $350

The dogs are raised on our farm with chickens, cows, cats, other dogs, and our family.  They are being raised on a very healthy, mostly raw diet during the weaning process.

They will be ready for pick up at 8 weeks. May 4th, 2014.

To reserve a puppy, a $50 deposit is required

If you have any questions please call or email us

Tel: 434-656-1188  Email: greatpyrenees@ourfathersfarmva.com

The great pyrenees puppies are so cute and sweet! They were only born a week ago!

These are great live stock guarding dogs! Our chickens can prove to it!

Before we had Great Pyrenees dogs we were losing so many chickens to predators such as raccoon, opossums, foxes and the worst of all Owls and hawks! The owls & hawks were worst because it is illegal to kill or hunt them!

When we got our first live stock guardian dogs named Bear and Bella. These big dogs simply have to let out a BIG bark to scare away most animals. And even better, these dogs love what they do! But you have to be careful to make sure from when they are puppies to keep them working with your animals so that they can create the great bond that is necessary!



Pictured above: Bella! We got Bella as a little 8 week old puppy!


Pictured above: Bella Now!


Pictured above: We got bear when he was 2 years old. He is a great guard!

Now here are some pictures from Bella and Bear’s 2013 Litter.


Pictured above: Bear and Bella are so sweet!  Bella is the best great Pyrenees mother!


Above: The puppies at about 3 weeks. Their eyes are just opening!


 Snoozing! :)


The first year of a puppy’s life is full of eating sleeping and growing! These great Pyrenees grow so much in the first 8 weeks we have them.


Above: Hope Holding two of the great Pyrenees. They are so adorable and fluffy!


 The puppies at about 6 weeks.


Above: Sweet little things!


Above: Peace keeping all her ducks or puppies in a row :)



Above: When the puppies got older we would take a few at a time and bring them in with the little chicks we were raising at the time. Teaching them to not chase or bite them. They had a good time.

Posted by: Hope Fuhrmann


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May: Save the Date!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Mar-17-2014

Our Father’s Farm

Eat fresh

Buy Local

Be healthy

Support community

From Our Farm to Your Fork!


Our Father’s Farm Open house and Field day!!!  Hope to see you there!

Our Father’s Farm 

Annual Open House/Field Day!


An amazing day full of fun and learning!

About the day!


Date: Saturday May 3rd 2014

Rain Date: Saturday May 10th 2014

Where: At Our Father’s Farm

2664 Deer view Road Gretna, VA 24557

Time: 10 AM – 3 PM

Tour times: -Tour 11:00 AM, Tour 2 PM

And a special time of creating special memories with the whole family!

 More details to follow.

Contact us at:

Tel: (434)-656-1188

Email:  orders@ourfathersfarmva.com

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557





Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Feb-22-2014

We have been enjoying sledding in the snow! But chores are a bit tougher for the animals and us :)

Here is a little glimpse of what

“Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family” have been doing!

Snow is beautiful and we have enjoyed it so much! All the seasons are so wonderful and God was so kind to make them for us. Just as soon as you get tired of one another comes! One of my favorite parts of winter is the Snow! As it spreads out over the land and trees white and pure and clean, it reminds us of  God’s love and forgiveness that He spreads abroad in our hearts and lives.

Here are a few pictures

Click on pictures to see them larger.

Great is Thy faithfulness, oh God my Father;
There is no shadow of turning with Thee;
Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not;
As Thou hast been, Thou forever wilt be.

20140213174253 (Small)

20140213171944 (Small)

It was snowing so hard for almost 2 days! Above the hens are trying to weather the storm:)

not red eye (Small)

Above: Timmy (along with the rest of us)  are getting ready to start morning chores.



 God has made all things and with out him was not anything made!


I got a shot of a cute little bird! Enjoying the snow from the tree tops)

20140213100704 (Small)

20140213082651 (Small)

The good old red roofed farm house!


The snow is starting to melt and slide of the rooves.


Four of the milk cows waiting there turn for milking


 The Lord liveth and blessed be the rock of salvation!

20140213081710 (Small)

And the Glory of the Lord Shall be revealed!


And His name shalt be called “Wonderful!, Counsaler!, The Mighty God the everlasting father the prince of peace.


Above: Lady (the horse)

Now the FUN of snow begins!!!!!








We went out to a hill in one of the fields and really enjoyed our selves!

For the Lord God omnipotent raineth! Hallelujah!


We packed the snow and made a little jump! It went so fast and was really fun! We had a great time making memories with some of the best people in the world “Family”!


Josh and Timmy built an igloo sort of thing:) And it is just the perfect size for Danny!


Little “Daisy May” (the new puppy) Had a fun time with us all. But it was hard for her to plunge through the snow! she kept on falling through and getting stuck.

SLEDDING JUMPS!!! Now we are going to show some of the crazy jumps we made!

IMG_1251 (Small)

Danny is coming…..

IMG_1252 (Small)


IMG_1253 (Small)

And he is still smiling!

IMG_1254 (Small)

He is about to go for a crash landing.

IMG_1256 (Small)

Ouch! But fun:)

We were having a brothers weekend hosted at our house. Dad/Jack has three other brothers they all came down with our cousin Emily.

IMG_1786 (Small)

Pictured above. Left to right: Jack/Dad, Uncle Alain, Grandmere, Uncle Tom, & Uncle Henri.

IMG_1615 (Small)

Pictured above: Timmy is taking Uncle Tom for a fast ride!

IMG_1430 (Small)

Pictured above: Uncle Henri flying over a jump! It was almost more fun than sledding yourself to see all the uncles’ faces and how crazy their rides were!

IMG_1581 (Small)

Pictured above: Dad had a ride on the saucer:)

IMG_1687 (Small)

Pictured Above:  Uncle Henri and Dad/Jack sledding down the hill! It was so funny to see “men”  playing/sledding:) They were so Great!

IMG_1751 (Small)

How wonderful it is to be with family!

IMG_1745 (Small)

And the Lord’s generations shall spread the gospel and their seed shall be for Him!

Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided;
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Posted by:  Hope Fuhrmann

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Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Feb-21-2014

Our Father’s Farm

Eat fresh

Buy Local

Be healthy

Support community

From Our Farm to Your Fork!


Fresh delicious Eggs.  BUY YOURS TODAY!!!!!

EGGS are coming! YUMMY! YAY!

Our new 400 “Barred Rock” heritage hens are starting to lay! It is wonderful to have eggs again! There is a big difference in fresh, beyond organic, free range, Non-GMO and Soy-Free fed chicken eggs. 

 Remember our chickens only eat the best non GMO feed available and have free range of the farm all day.  The yolks are almost orange and so full of rich healthy fats and vitamins!

Set up your ongoing weekly order now.

You can pre order as many dozen eggs as you desire to be reserved for you weekly. They will automatically be dropped at your delivery site each week; or be available on farm.

Dozen large eggs: $4.88 + tax

Dozen Medium eggs: $4.40 +tax  (these are only available for the first few months as the new                                                 hens are starting to lay.)

To Reserve or Order eggs for deliverise or farm pick up email or call:

Tel: (434)-656-1188

Email:  orders@ourfathersfarmva.com

We are sorry for the shortage in dairy products but we hope things will get better as the spirng comes on. Bear with us as we work with “real” farm life difficulties :)

Pictured above: 2 of the barred rock hens, producing eggs for us.

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




Chocolate Lab Puppies Jan. 2014 Litter

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Jan-23-2014

Our Father’s Farm Purebred Chocolate Lab Puppies.


Striving to raise Healthy and Happy Puppies to bless and serve you for years to come!

From Our Farm to Your Fork!

Purebred Chocolate Lab Puppies


Litter #3

Born: December, 18th, 2013

Pick up date: February, 9th, 2014

All of the puppies are energetic, happy and most important of all healthy! We strive to raise healthy puppies and try to give them the best start.  With our family of  12 the puppies are well socialized (not to mention all the friends and visitors). They drink raw fresh cows milk and eat lots of raw meat and bones (from our farm). 


If you are one of the puppy customers that got to buy a puppy from this litter please choose which one of the puppies you want, email us at:  sam@ourfathersfarmva.com      

HOW DO I GET ON THE WAITING LIST?                      

If you are interested in getting on our waiting list for future litters, please call: (434)-483-8688 or email: sam@ourfathersfarmva.com 



Puppy #1 (F) Sold

Puppy #2 (F) SOLD

Puppy #3 (F) Sold

Puppy #4 (M) SOLD

Puppy #5 (M) Sold

Puppy #6 (M) Sold

Puppy #7 (M) SOLD

Puppy #8 (M) Sold

Puppy #9 (M) SOLD


              The puppies’ beautiful & healthy mother

                Meadow Sophie of Our Father’s Farm:

 Meadow is 4 years old, she has such a sweet temperament and is very pretty.  She is gentle with all from babies on up to Grandmothers.  Meadow has successfully completed Home Companion courses 1 and 2 as well as receiving the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.  She weighs a nice 65 lbs. This is her third litter with us, and she is an excellent and attentive Mom. She has a milk chocolate coat which is very sleek, glossy and smooth. Expect her puppies to mature to the 60-75 lb. range. Rhyme Time of Covenant Farms is the sire.

Thank you so much for your interest,

The Chocolate Lab Puppy Team 

                         Our Father’s Farm Purebred Chocolate Lab Puppies.

                                      2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




Beef Available

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Jan-16-2014

Our Father’s Farm


Eat fresh

Buy Local

Be healthy

Support community

From Our Farm to Your Fork!


Grass fed beef at its finest. 

Where’s the beef?
At Our Father’s Farm!!! (grassfed all natural delicious healthy beef that is :-) 

We have lots of beef available for delivery and pick up!  We love being able to suply healthy products to others!  Being raised on lots of nice pasture and on good grass and hay make for cows that are happy and healthy.  Don’t miss your chance to get some great beef!!

Product Price per pound Quantity
45lb Share of Beef  $        6.50
Ground Beef  $        6.50
Beef Roasts
Chuck Roast  $        6.50
Shoulder Roast  $        6.50
Sirloin Tip Roast  $        7.00
Eye of Round Roast  $        7.00
Beef Steaks
Steaks – T Bone  $      17.00
Steaks – Rib eye  $      15.00
Steaks – Sirloin  $      13.50
Ground Beef  $        6.50
Beef Liver (Sliced)  $        4.50
Marrow Bone (femer)  $        3.00
Bone Broth Special  $      20.00

We have chicken parts but are sold out of whole chickens, we do have dairy products and herd shares are currently available,  other products are available in the store.

For a complete price list click here.

If you would like to place an order then please email or call:

Tel: (434)-656-1188

Email:  orders@ourfathersfarmva.com

Thanks and God bless you!
-Hope Fuhrmann

Peace Holding one of the new puppies.

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




Chocolate Lab Puppies!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Jan-16-2014

We are praising the Lord for allowing us another litter of healthy beautiful chocolate lab puppies!  It is really a fun time for all of us.  We enjoy so much having nine little cute pups on the farm!  It’s so fun to go out there and play tug a war or just let them sleep on you.  It’s fun to have new little baby things to show family and friends when they come.  Every move they make is so cute!  We are very excited because this litter we are going to keep one of the females.  That means we will have a little puppy all its growing up!  SO FUN!  But also lots of work:) Like everything else:)  The little children are really enjoying getting to play with them. Here are a few pictures


Pictured Above: Peace holding one of the cute puppies. Peace is growing into a sweet little girl.


 Pictured Above: One of the puppies giving a little bark. They try to sound like the big boss but it really does not work:) So cute. 


Pictured Above: Two of the puppies touching noses:)


Pictured below right:  Danial (we call him Danny) loves sitting with the puppies and holding them while they sleep. He is getting to be really helpful around the farm and house!


Pictured Above:  The puppies are getting so big and healthy, they love drinking raw milk.


Pictured bellow left: “Tom” the little kitten loves having the puppies  for friends. You will always find him in the pen with the puppies, eating, drinking,  sleeping and playing. They really love each other! 


Feel free to come out and visit the farm, and see the puppies.  You can come out on one of the days the farm store is open, Wednesday and Saturday.  

All puppies of this litter are already spoken for, but if you would like to be put on the waiting list for a future litter, then please email  sam@ourfathersfarmva.com  

If you would like to comment on posts or contact us then please go to the  “Contact Us” page. We would love to hear from you!


Christmas Festival Weather?

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Dec-12-2013

Our Father’s Farm

Eat Fresh

Buy Local

Be Healthy

Support Community

   From Our Farm to your Fork!


A Christmas Festival at Our Father’s inclement weather plan

Despite a bleak forecast, we will still be here snow or shine ready to give a farm tour, the store will still be open and there will be some great deals! We will still have snacks, hot cider, and teeccino and hopefully healthy holiday baked goods. Please feel free to come out and check things out! It would be great if you would like a farm tour only make sure you bring a coat and boots:) 

Due to lots of mud and forecast bad weather the Caroling concert and play parts of the event are cancelled. :(

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




Christmas Festival!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Dec-9-2013

Our Father’s Farm

  Eat Fresh

Buy Local

Be Healthy

Support Community

From Our Farm to your Fork!


We hope to see you there!
A Christmas Festival at Our Father’s Farm!

Saturday December 14th 2013 


Join us on the farm for a celebration of the reason for Christmas.  There will be a Christmas Carol Concert and play, an opportunity for your family to get a “Nativity picture” made (we’ll have a place with costumes and animals so your kids can do a dress up picture), healthy holiday bake sale, farm tours, milking demonstrations, hay rides, shopping at the farm store and more.  Festivites will be from 10-3.  Weather permitting.  Picnic areas will be available as well as concessions.  We look forward to celebrating with you!


There will be 1 show scheduled for 1 PM  Bring a blanket or lawn chairs, comfy warm clothes, old shoes, your sing-along voice, and a heart ready to be blessed! Also there will be 2 farm tours the first one at 11 AM and the second at 2 PM . See you there!

About the Day!

Christmas Celebration Show!

There will be a Chirstmas show at 1:00 pm. We will have a live nativity skit and some christmas carols being sung by our youth and children’s choir.  You’re welcome to join in as we’ll sing traditional favorites and celebrate Christ’s birth and all that it means! 


Christmas Basket Drawing!

At the welcome tent we will have a big basket full of all different festive delicious things such as Local all natrural honey, tea, teeccino, honey candies, nuts, some baked goodies, an Our Father’s Farm certificate and more!

When you get to the welcome tent be sure to write your email address to be added to our update list and put your name in for the drawing!


Bake Sale!

There will be several different kinds of healthy holiday baked goods! Like different kind of breads, Chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, apple ginger cake, and more!  All baked goods made from freshly milled organic flours and the very best ingredients.


Hot drink and snacks will be available!


Hot Cider with cinnamon sticks,

Hot Teeccino

And Freshly popped organic Popcorn

hot soup and chili?


Farm Store!

The Farm store will be open and available for shopping!

We really hope  you all stop by and see our new little set up! We have lots of deliciosu healhty products for sale! 


Farm Tour/Pasture Walk!

There will be two farm tours in the day!  The farm tours are a great way of learning while also having fun seeing all the animals and learning how we raise healthy humans and animals! :-) You will see Chickens, Pullets, Cows/Calves, the donkey and horse too.  


Also included in the farm tour will be a MILKING DEMO! Where you can see how to milk a cow and if you want you can try it yourself! 

This is going to be a great time and we really hope you can make it!




If you have any quitions then please contact us at:





Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




Save the Date!

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Nov-19-2013

Our Father’s Farm

Eat fresh

Buy Local

Be healthy

Support community

From Our Farm to Your Fork!

We hope to see all of you there!



At Our Fathers Farm December 14th 2013

Come out and enjoy a day of celebrating the Real Reason for the season!

Live Nativity Play, Christmas Carol Concert and singalong, Farm Tours, yummy nourishing concessions, healthy holiday bake sale, and the farm store will be well stocked and open for your convenience!  We look forward to seeing you and your family out here on Our Father’s Farm

And a special time of creating special memories with the whole family!


 More details to follow.

Contact us at:

Tel: (434)-656-1188

Email:  orders@ourfathersfarmva.com

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




ABC News

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Nov-11-2013

Our Father’s Farm



Eat fresh

Buy Local

Be healthy

Support community

From Our Farm to Your Fork!

Cute little John David Fuhrmann 

Isabella’s Restaurant and

Our Father’s Farm on ABC News!


As some of  you know, our family farm has been having some difficulties. One of the big challenges was losing almost 100 % of our turkeys! God showed us to trust Him and not worry about the farm and to focus on reaching out to others.  Then He began to shower us with blessings! Our sweet friends and customers at Isabella’s Restaurant have really stepped up and helped out in an amazing way!  We are very humbled, grateful and touched by this gesture from the Isabella’s family and the community!  To God be the Glory!  

Please watch this little clip to see more! 

Please watch this little clip to see more! 


above is the link to the clip on ABC news showed Sunday night at 6 aclock.


email us at:


Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




Healthy Eating Healthy Living Class Nov 16 2013

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Nov-7-2013

Our Father’s Farm


 Eat Fresh

Buy Local

Be Healthy

Support community


Hope, John David, & Daniel

Healthy Eating Healthy Living Seminar

Come and enjoy a one day seminar studying the truths of divine design and personal responsibility with regard to how we live and eat.

Saturday, November 16th

at Our Father’s Farm

10:00-4:00 (Lunch Included)

Please come out and enjoy a wonderful day of learning!


A sampling of topics include:  why, where, and how to source local, organic foods at better prices, how to prepare these more expensive “real foods” the best ways possible, caring for your skin and gut naturally with home made nature’s products and lacto fermented foods and condiments, creating a homeopathic health care kit for your family and learning how and when to administer home remedies… and much more.
Cost $65 which includes, the day long seminar, a booklet of information and recipes we will learn about during the class, a brief farm tour and a lunch made from delicious natural foods from the farm so you can taste what you’ll be learning about.


Call or email to secure a spot in this class, seats are limited.  Please make checks payable to “Our Father’s Farm” and send to the address below.  We look forward to seeing some of you for an exciting day of learning, tasting, seeing, and doing!




Testimony from a previous class:


“I loved hearing Kim’s journey to healthy eating- it is empowering & filled with encouragement.  I walked away from the workshop with  knowledge, motivation and the desire to take the time to provide & prepare my best to serve my family.  I enjoyed the hands on time in the kitchen learning a new way to prepare healthy food.

Kim speaks through experience and her convictions and joy for what she shares is amazing.”


Our Email and phone number below:


or 434-656-1188. We hope you can make it!

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




A2A2 Raw Milk Herd Shares Available

Posted by The Fuhrmanns on Oct-9-2013

Our Father’s Farm

From Our Farm to Your Table!

Quality you can trust.

Food you will love.

Buy local.

Support Community.

That’s Sustainable!

Pictured above is our dairy products, butter, A2A2 Milk, Yogurt, Cream and Kefir.

We Have Raw milk herd shares and other dairy products available now! Now is the time to get wonderful healthy reviving and Nutrient full Dairy products, from Our Father’s Farm!

Raw Milk!

We now have herd shares available for Raw Milk.  You can purchase a share in our beautiful Jersey herd and drink creamy delicious raw milk. As herd share owners, you are also elidgeble to receive Yogurt, Kefir, Butter, Cream, and more.


Check out our Web site for more information or e-mail us.




What is A2A2 Milk?

This is a question that we began to ask several months ago.  We like most had assumed that all Jersey cows had the superior digestive milk proteins contained in A2A2 milk.  Now with Genetic testing we are learning that this is not always the case.  We are testing each cow and have identified which have it and which don’t.  A2A2 milk is especially important for infants and those with unhealthy guts.

Please read the articles for more info., or give us a call.

A2A2 Milk Article Hand Picked Nation


The Bovine Article

We always strive to give our family and yours the best nutriant dense health food possible.  We are working hard to make our herd a pure A2A2 herd but it will take some time.  We are currently offering A2A2 milk to customers at their request for just $5 extra per month per share (this cost covers milk handling and genetic testing).



What is available for order now,

If you are one of our Herd share customers and would like to order some of the dairy products or if you would like to buy or are interested in the herd share program then please email or call at:




Our Father’s Farm has available only for herd share customers.

Yogurt 1 quart $4.00

Kefir 1 quart $4.00

Butter  1 1/2 lb $8.00

Cream 1 pint $4.00

Herd Shares

Store hours:

Wednesday and Saturday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm


Farm Girl Note:

We really enjoy having a farm! And the milk cows are a very fun part of it. We enjoy the time when the cows are calving, we also enjoy having healthy, beyond-organic, well-taken-care-of cows that produce healthy and wonderful tasting milk for us and others! We enjoy deliceous kefir smoothies, the yummy butter on toast, the cream for homeade ice cream!, and yogurt with granola and local honey! If you would like to learn more or even sample these special dairy products please come out to the farm on Wednesday or Saturday when our store is open or call for an appointment.  We also deliver to Lynchburg on Friday and Roanoke on Tuesday.

We would love to serve you!

-Thank you!  Hope Fuhrmann

Our Father’s Farm and the Fuhrmann Family

2664 Deer View Rd. Gretna, VA 24557




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