Book – Journey Back to Health

About: Kim Fuhrmann served as an overseas missionary and is now a naturopathic doctor, organic farmer, and mother of nine. She continues to learn from others. Her passion is to teach, inspire and empower others. As you study this material, may you find yourself taking responsibility for your own health.

This book: We ourselves are constantly learning. This book is a compilation of notes, stories, and insights we have gleaned over the years as we have sought the Lord. Ask and ye shall receive. God wants us to be in a deep, loving, and faithful relationship with Him. He wants to lead and guide us in all things. In this area of loving Him with all our strength, there is much for both the modern church and us to learn. We are humbled and glad that God continues in his mercy to teach us. I pray God uses this little book to bless you and your family.

Reviews from Readers:

Whether you are looking to take the first steps towards a healthier more fulfilling life, or have been walking this path for years, “Journey back to Health” is an absolute must-have resource! Kim writes from the heart openly sharing with her readers her vast knowledge and strong love of Jesus. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically this book has been an invaluable tool for me—full of healthy tips, delicious and nutritious recipes, and loving lessons anyone can easily incorporate into their daily lives. Everything about this book feels like a warm hug from an old friend who is eager to help make your life better, and no matter how many times you pick it up, you’re guaranteed to feel loved and learn something new-and who wouldn’t want that?” – Laurie D. PA

I’ve blindly trusted the medical community all of my life because that’s what I was taught to do. While there is a place and need for their services, life is full of opportunities to utilize God-given means to support and nourish our health in a way that glorifies Him and is gentle on our bodies. In this book, Kim shows me how I can overcome fear, trust God, and walk in peace, yet confidently take back responsibility for my health, under the sovereign hand of God.  She opens her heart, home, and life experiences to equip me with reliable scientific information, helpful resources, practical instructions (“how to” that’s usually missing), and delicious recipes to help me understand how I can care for myself, my husband, children, and others. My family has been so blessed by the spiritual nourishment, guidance, and support from the whole Fuhrmann family! There’s not another spiritual/health resource I recommend more highly than Journey back to Health. ” – Hope R. Durham, NC

“Journey Back to Health is like no other natural health book I’ve ever read!  It’s such a fun, easy read with lots of practical advice, yet laced with biblical truths, stories, details, and recipes, which makes it perfect for beginners or more advanced, alike.  Everyone will enjoy it and come away encouraged, inspired, and ready to put it into practice!!  Mrs. Kim Fuhrmann has a deep love for God and others and desires to share what she has learned through her book!”

– Amber N. Rock Spring, GA

Cost $30.00 Details: 373 pages, 31 sections, recipes, & photos.

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