Raw Milk Herd Share Sign-up

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The wait is over! We have shares available in our new herd (the Hermosa herd). Read more details below and fill out the form if you want to join the program! We are currently sold out of Home Herd Shares choose the home herd option in the form if you are interested in a seasonal share.

The milk on our farm comes from happy Jersey cows who enjoy fresh grass and greens every day.  Their milk is rich, creamy, and full of vitamins and protein which, being unprocessed, you can actually assimilate.  The milk is available only through our “herd share” program. You actually purchase and own a share in our herd of cows which we board and care for on your behalf.

About the purchase of a Herd Share

Why do I need to purchase a share of a herd/cow to drink Raw Milk?

It is against Virginia law to buy and sell Raw Milk. You are only allowed to drink milk from your own cow. The great benefit of owning your own cow is drinking the milk. Many people don’t have the land or don’t want the work of boarding their own cow. We offer to board cows for our customers. We take care of them, milk them, and put the milk in a refrigerator for owner/customer pick up. So when you drink the milk, it literally comes from your share of the herd/cow.

Do I have to pay for a whole cow?

No, we offer shares of our small herd of cows. This way one can buy one or more shares depending on the needs of an individual or family. One share in the herd will result in one gallon of milk per week, a half share would be ½ gallon per week etc.

How much is a share in the herd?

Each share in the herd requires a one-time fee of $100, paid at the signing of the contract purchase of additional shares is $50.

What are the ongoing boarding fees?

The cost to board one share of the herd is $12 a week paid at the beginning of each month or quarterly. If milk is being delivered to one of our drop sites there is an additional delivery fee of $2.50 / week.

How do I transport the milk?

Your milk can come in glass jars or plastic jugs.

The milk is put into ½-gallon glass jars. When the customer has finished their milk they clean their jars and lids and bring them when they pick up the next week’s milk. There they pick up their new milk and leave the clean jars for the following week’s milk. We provide ½-gallon glass jars with easy-to-clean lids at a basic cost.

How are the jars cleaned?

The shareholder is responsible for cleaning their own jars, If not cleaned well, there will be a smell and off-taste when the new milk is put in.

How long will the milk last?

The shareholder should transport the milk in a cooler and keep it refrigerated at all times. This will ensure a good 7 – 10 days of fresh milk. Even after that time, the milk will just begin to curdle and is great to make soft cheeses or sour cream.

How do I sign up?

You can come to the farm and sign up in person or use the link below.

There are three easy steps you will fill out so make sure you do each one to insure you get signed up!

Click here to join the Herd Share Program!

About our new herd: At Our Father’s Farm it is more then a product. It’s a vision of producing life giving foods in a regenerative style that will bring health to you, your family, and the land God has given us; today and for the years & generations to come.

That is why we decided to start a second herd of cattle that we call the “Hermosa Herd”. This herd is managed by an experienced Amish family that lives just down the road from us on Hermosa Rd in Gretna, VA. This means that you, your family, and friends now can have access to wonderful Our Father’s Farm raw dairy from all grass, A2A2 cows. The long wait and waiting list is now over!

We are offering three pickup locations (more days and options added soon) Tap Roots on Forest Rd in Forest VA on Wednesday, Health Nut Nutrition on enterprise Dr on Fridays, and Our Father’s Farm store in Gretna VA on Wednesday (no delivery fee)! The milk will be delivered in plastic jugs only. But there are several other dairy products we are offering as well, cheeses, heavy cream, yogurt, ice cream, butter, ghee etc.