Farm Products

Testimony:  All of our meats and foods are truly amazing with a quality you just can’t find in the store anywhere because they are raised in harmony with God’s design.  There is a natural symbiosis when you raise several different species of animals together.  The chickens and turkeys go behind the cows to clean the pasture eliminating the need for medicines and antibiotics for the cows, who would otherwise be living in their own mess.

  The frequent, if not daily, moving of the animals keeps the farm from getting overloaded with “fertilizer” in any one spot which allows the sun and other species adequate opportunity to keep the pasture clean.  The break-up of the fertilizer actually allows it TO BE fertilizer and create a richer healthier greener pasture for all the animals to enjoy.  The farm is full of the happy sounds of happy animals and there is plenty of work for our family to do in order to manage and care for the different animals.  Our family eats these healthy foods, which far exceed the standards of foods in the “organically grown” movement/market.  

We have been blessed with nine children and none of us has had to be on an antibiotic for over three years now, this since making the “big change” to healthy, natural eating.  God has shown us what our part is in fighting sickness at the source.  He is the one who gives us health and maintains it ultimately.  We need to help our immune systems by feeding our bodies nourishing fuel.  

We’d love for you to come out and see for yourself!   We’re happy to serve our community in this way, by providing quality, healthy, all-natural foods grown and raised naturally!  God bless you!