Health Coaching & Consultations

Abiding Wellness @ Our Father’s Farm  

               Welcome to Abiding Wellness. Our goal is to help you reach your health goals while learning more about what’s going on within your fearfully and wonderfully designed body. The plan is not merely to address symptoms; but to understand the root causes of your concerns holistically and to consider your complexity and individuality body, mind, and spirit. We will assist you in coming up with a personalized protocol plan which includes nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, and dietary support that you are excited about. As a bonus, we love to become a part of your community and support team. God’s love and truth are at the heart of what we do, say, and suggest. 

About the team

When they married, Kim was raised on the standard American diet and thought Jack’s few “healthy” ideas outdated and strange. But after their three-year-old daughter was medically evacuated to France from the mission field, heartbreak and humility caused them to join forces.  God numbers our days, but Jour choices do impact our ability to serve, and be used of Him. Jack and Kim are enjoying the lifelong journey seeking to understand and submit to God’s incredible Design of all things.  One of God’s best teachers is experience, and it was through health crises and struggles that Jack and Kim continued to learn.  They are passionate and love to share what they’ve learned with those who are seeking, especially the younger generation.  (Titus 2). Though your struggles are unique and can be overwhelming, we are here to help you. Through God, we can do valiantly.   

Jacques P. Fuhrmann, MDiv,   

Jacques is firmly founded on Christ and steady, though extremely far-sighted. His deep passion for others well-being and God’s glory have spurred him on to constant learning, reading, courses, and practical application.  He has been a leader and pastor for years and offers loving Biblical and health counsel seeking to always point others to Christ. 

Kimberly B. Fuhrmann, ND. CNHP.  

A wife, mother of 9, and follower of Christ, Kim infuses her love of life, God, and health into her teaching and consultations. With Jack’s encouragement and the support of many friends, Kim pursued certifications to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  She has been offering health consultations for 10+ years and has been truly blessed to see God work wonders in hearts and lives of those she’s honored and delighted to support.  

 Sheila G. Fuhrmann NTP 

Sheila is the oldest daughter in the Fuhrmann family.  She manages Abiding Wellness and has been certified through courses and years of experience to support clients and familes in their desire to transform their diet and lifestyle to align with their personal wellness goals.  

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