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Our Father’s Farm     Pricing
Items are not always available and prices are subject to change.       
Beef, Grass Fed Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
45lb Share of Beef Variety Box 45 LB box $10.25/lb
Ground Beef 1 per pack 1 lb $9.75/lb
Beef Roasts      
Chuck Roast 1 per pack 2.5lb $10/lb
Shoulder Roast 1 per pack 2.5lb $10/lb
Rump Roast 1 per pack 2lb $10/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast 1 per pack 2.25lb $12/lb
Eye of Round Roast 1 per pack 2.25lb $13/lb
London Broil 1 per pack 2lb $13/lb
Beef Steaks      
T Bone 1 per pack 0.5lb $20/lb
Rib eye 1 per pack 0.5lb $21/lb
Sirloin 1 per pack 1lb $20/lb
New York Strip 1 per pack 0.3lb $25/lb
Filet Mignon 1 per pack 0.4lb $25/lb
Beef Other      
Beef Sticks 1 per pack   $3/per or 10 for $28
Stew Meat (boneless) 1 Package 1.3lb $9.75/lb
Short Ribs 1 Package 2lb $9/lb
Osso Bucco 1 Package 1.25lb $9/lb
Marrow Bone (femer) or Knuckle 1 Package 1.7lb $7/lb
Soup Bones 1 Package 2.5lb $5/lb
Oxtail 1 Package 1.1lb $8/lb
Cubed Steak 1 Package 1.1lb $9.75/lb
Beef Hot Dogs 1 Package   Price Coming.
Tallow/Rendered Fat Quart or Pint   $45/qt., $25/pt.
Fat 1 Package 2.5lb $5.50/lb
Bone Broth Half Gallon   $24/ea
  Quart Tub   $12/ea
  Pint   $6.50/ea
Beef Liver (Sliced) Package 1lb $9/lb
Tongue Package 1.2lb $7/lb
Heart Package 1.3lb $6/lb
Alpine Heritage Creamery Raw Milk Organic cheeses 8oz 1 $8/ea
  20oz 1 $20/ea
  5lb 1 $65/ea
Chicken Avg. Packag. Average Weight Price per pound 
Whole Broiler Chicken  Whole 3.5 to 4lb 7.25/lb
Breasts 2/pack   $16/lb
Drum Sticks 4/pack   $8/lb
Feet & Heads     $5.50/lb
Livers & Hearts   1lb bag $8/lb
Stewing Hens   2lbs $15/ea.
Tenders  8/pack   $15/lb
Thighs 4/pack   $9/lb
Wings 8/pack   $8/lb
Dairy Products: Herd share owners only Packaging Quantity Price
Herd Share Per half share .5 gal/wk  
Delivery to Drop site Per Customer Weekly Email/call for 
Delivery to Homes Per Customer Weekly dairy pricing.
Yogurt Glass Jar 1 Quart  
Butter Block 1/2 lb  
  Block 3oz  
Kefir Glass Jar 1 Quart  
Fresh Cream Glass Jar 1pt  
Butter Milk Sweet Glass Jar 1 Quart  
Colostrum Glass Jar Half Gal.  
Ghee Glass Jar 1/2 pint  
Ice Cream      
     – Vanilla      
     – Other Flavors      
Paneer  Quart bag    
Eggs Packaging Quantity Price per
Country Brown Eggs Carton 1 dozen $8.50/dz inc. tax
Home Made / Home Grown      
Sour Dough Bread Price Coming    
Sauerkraut $13.49/qrt, $7.54/pnt    
Sauerkraut Farm Veggies $8.59/pnt    
Turkey Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
$50 to Deposit Whole 16-20lbs  $8.25/lb
Ground Turkey Package 1lb $16/lb
     Broiler feed Bag 50lb Preorder item. 
     Layer feed Bag 50lb Preorder item. 
Ferment Kits  $29 Master kit, $28 add-on kit.    
Blueberries     Preorder item.
Kefir grains 2 Tbsp   $10 labor