June Update 2024

Several years ago, we decided to step off of social media. It was a huge business decision and adjustment, but God made it clear. Now our newsletter is our primary way to connect with YOU, announce new products, and sales, and give updates.

We wanted to take some time to fill you in on our newest products and endeavors.

We have been grateful for opportunities over the years to speak, write, and share at different events or publications. Jack and Kim did a podcast with Homesteaders of America discussing our family’s story with the hope that it will encourage others.

Our family is excited to be speaking and to be a part of the National Homesteaders of America event this year. Click here to learn more about HOA and the wonderful things they offer.

Hillcrest House
We have renovated a small house a 1/4 mile away from the farm and we now use it for office space but also have it set up as a simple country vacation rental. We’d love to have you stay!

Chicken Bone Broth

Hope and Joy have started making chicken bone broth with our pasture-raised, organically-fed chicken bones and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar to help bring out the calcium we simmer the broth at a low temp for over 24 hours.

$5.00 / 16oz

$10.00 / 32oz

Journey Back to Health Book

Kim wrote a book in 2020 and has since then revised and updated it. It has over 300 pages of content, stories, recipes, ideas, and lessons God has taught us over the years.

Ice Cream (For Herd Share Members Only)
No synthetics, flavorings, or colors. Made with pure ingredients: Our Father’s Farm Cream, Milk and Eggs Hand-made one batch at a time. Full of powerful vitamins, omegas, & good fats. Containers: Classic Vanilla $8.00Salted Caramel $8.75 Seasonal Flavors $8.75 Chocolate-dipped ice cream bars: Large $6.00Small $3.00

Raw Milk Herd Shares

At Our Father’s Farm it is more than a product. It’s a vision of producing life giving foods in a regenerative style that will bring health to you, your family, and the land God has given us; today and for the years & generations to come.

That is why we decided to start a second herd of cattle that we call the “Hermosa Herd”. This herd is managed by an experienced Amish family that lives just down the road from us on Hermosa Rd in Gretna, VA. This means that you, your family, and friends now can have access to wonderful Our Father’s Farm raw dairy from all grass, A2A2 cows.

You can sign up today to join the program and start your journey of experiencing milk how it was designed to be.

Sheep: Our farm has a new flock! We got a small flock of sheep this spring and are feeling like new farmers all over again as we learn about sheep and how to care for them. We are excited to have a new species to help diversify our pastures and looking forward to other benefits.

Chicks: Daniel hatched his first batch of laying hens for the year. They are cute healthy and organically fed. Reach out if you are interested.

John has taken on being the primary caregiver for our little group of bottle babies. They are thriving and growing fast! (Notice the unique set up? We highly recommend peach teat its technology allows the calf to have a more “real to life” experience which helps their digestive system and overall growth).

Our family was grateful to be able to attend the burial service for Grandmere (Jacks Mom who lived with us for seventeen years) in Paris. Her legacy lives on in each of us!

Our 12th Annual Family Farm Day was fantastic! We loved seeing each of the new and old customers who came out. It was a blast! The baked goods were delicious, fellowship sweet and the hayride tour topped it all off. THANK YOU for coming out. We look forward to next year!