Urgent Care – Class Registration

Immediate Natural Tools for Handling Emergency Situations

Dates: November 3rd, 2023  Time: 2:00 pm-8:00 pm

Dates: November 4th, 2023 Time: 9:00 am-4:30 pm

Burns, Wounds, Bleeding, Shock, Concussion, Seizure, Sprained/Broken bones and strained muscles, and more.

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About this class:

What do I do in case of a real emergency? The question and the thought can spark fear and stress. If we want to learn how to support the body- even through trauma – it is wise to learn before the crisis comes. Especially in these terrifying moments, God desires us to come to Him. And we study and prepare in order to be equipped with tools God can remind us of in times of need.

During this “Being Prepared for Urgent Care” weekend, we will learn how to handle a crisis while staying in the parasympathetic mode (code for abiding in Christ). Add to this faith, knowledge which The Lord can use to provide confidence which will lead to rational thought and calm ease as you assess and handle difficult situations. We will also seek to teach you to understand what the body is doing, what “normal” healing looks like, and how to identify when more support or help is required. Our goal is that you become familiar with and able to understand and utilize the necessary tools for a crisis. More than just knowing what items and tools to have on hand, our prayer is that you will be encouraged and equipped regarding when and how to utilize them. We pray that all of this faith, knowledge, and experience will equip you with help as you lean into The Lord during your crisis and that He will be able to bring to mind His tools during acute times of need.


– How to calmly assess

– When to seek help

– Finding safe professionals

– Recognizing danger signs

– Preparing your first aid kit (understanding your toolbox)

– Dressing wounds (hands-on)

– Observing change for good or ill (adjusting protocols)

– Cultivating patience

– Understanding what the body is doing and how to support it

– Protocols and consistency (Turning your home into a “hospital” or a “rehab” center)

– Utilizing the foundations

More about the experience:

  • Handouts with each session
  • Sample first aid kit (complete kits will be available for purchase) We suggest pre-ordering kits as they are quick to sell out.
  • Herbs and techniques and when to use them.
  • Mock scenarios and hands-on practice
  • Q&A

But this is not all about the information, it’s the experience!

  • Enjoy like-minded fellowship.
  • Take time to network and build community.
  • If you like, join the Abiding Wellness message group.
  • Stock up on farm products at the store.
  • Enjoy farm-fresh, home-cooked meals.
  • Go home inspired to grow always onward – together.

See the farm, enjoy the autumn weather, and ask questions.

Price: Value $650

Early Bird: $425 $375 if you register by Oct 16th, 2023.

Regular: $425 if you register after 10/16/23

Returning student price: $400 $350