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Interested in our A2A2, grass fed Cattle? contact us for availability. (Delivery and training/mentoring options available.) 


With no background in farming, the Fuhrmann’s started on ground zero with nothing but a visions and desire. As a result they learned through the school of hard knocks (that ever continues). The stories could fill a book, but suffice it to say, they may know a thing or two that could help you avoid some of the same mistakes.  

No experience with cows, or desiring to learn more? We can help.  

For consultation on: 

  • Basic cattle genetics 
  • Care and grazing 
  • Choosing, breeding, and managing 

and more, contact us. 

Through years of living and working in Africa and Virgina, they have learned that wellness is directly linked to the health of our food. 

Jacques P. Fuhrmann  

Jacques has always loved nature, animals, and learning how to join God’s design. From childhood he has had a companionate heart toward animals. Over the years Jack has fearlessly led his family into more alignment with nature in life and on their farm. Though sometimes it seemed to be exaggerated, Jack’s ideas always paid off.  

Like when he moved to grass fed before it was a thing, transitioned to an a2a2 heard before it was a buzz word, stopped dehorning though most had no idea of its benefits, left heifers on their moms for 10 months while others scoffed at the loss of milk. He often says he wants the best for his family and can’t offer any one less than that. 

 Joshua C. Fuhrmann, Farm Manager. 

From the earliest age Josh was a hands-on learner and had a great interest in animals. While in Africa, amid the herdsman and shepherds.  

On the farm in VA that love was quickly instilled into his work with the cows. As part of his education, he traveled with the local country vet, was mentored by his dad and Gerald Fry, read books, and joined his dad in any training opportunities that arose. He is now our farm manager and is training the next generation of “fearless cow lovers” in the way they should go. His specialty is raising healthy cows that will provide your family nutrient dese food. 

 “It’s very rewarding to work hard and raise healthy grass and robust animals that in turn provide real nutrient-dense food for us and our customers. I am a strong Christian and believe that any beneficial information I have has ultimately been given to me by God. It’s an honor to be able to share about His beautiful design with you and to continue learning as we live life together.” ~ Joshua C. Fuhrmann