NEW: Ice-Cream!

~Our Father’s Farm~

Herd share owners only

Sweet Haven Creamery

We are excited to announce our newest Raw Herd Share owner only dairy product!


For more than a year we have been experimenting to create a wonderful healthy, immune boosting, all natural, raw Ice cream that we felt good about serving to our family. Every ingredient is pure, natural, and recognizable. 😉 We haven’t minded eating our way to the “perfect recipe”!

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Classic Vanilla
Rich, smooth, and creamy. This classic vanilla is just right! Perfect served on top of pie, with a couple of berries, or just on its own. (mom blobs it into her cup of coffee in the morning). This was our first flavor and many’s favorite!
Ingredients, OFF Dairy, maple syrup, organic corn starch, vanilla, OFF egg yolks,


Chocolate Delight
Are you a chocolate lover? This rich ice cream bursting with chocolate flavor will meet every craving! Even those who do not “love” chocolate love this ice cream flavor!
Ingredients: maple syrup, OFF dairy, organic corn starch, OFF egg yolks, OFF chocolate mixture.













How to receive your ice-cream:

Pre-order your flavor and size of choice. Let us know what day you would like to pick it up or have it delivered so that we can ensure the freshest product! We have two flavors right now and are working on more!


Classic Vanilla: $5 / 8oz $10 / 16oz

Chocolate Delight: $6 / 8oz $11 / 16oz

Pre-order here!

Customer Review:

The only complaint we have about the ice cream at Our Father’s Farm is that it goes so quickly. This is a treat we look forward to getting each week and its awesome to know where it’s coming from.” – Johnathan

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