Farm Girl update: September 2018

 Life on the farm has been wonderful this summer! Lots of new calves, little kittens, and puppies. We are excited to announce the newest member of the Our Father’s Farm team little Brianna Kate. Josh and Maddie are excited parents and we are all thrilled grandparents, uncles, and aunties. We are so grateful for a healthy safe birth and are enjoying this adorable little bundle of joy!

Below is the first part of a true story on the farm written by one of the farm boys:


Part 1:

    One muddy, rainy winter morning, a tractor swayed through the field with two great bales of hay on it, the driver was a boy of about fourteen years of age, his name was Edmund. He was on the way to feed the last batch of family milk cows. The mud made it difficult to drive, so taking it slowly, he plowed on through the mud and rain. It took some time to get there going so slowly, but at last the cow field came in sight. As the tractor rumbled up to the fence, Edmund saw something that looked out of the ordinary… he strained his eyes to see better, then he realized that it was a cow lying on its back slightly stuck in a low part of the field. He sat up in the seat and slowed the tractor to a crawl. He detected a slight movement, the only sign of life. He needed to act quickly as he thought: “The cow may not have much longer to live!” Edmund knew the cow was too massive for him to pull out alone. So, thinking fast, he turned the tractor and headed down the narrow driveway to where the cows were milked and where he knew he could find help! As he swung onto the driveway, he jerked the throttle back setting the tractor in full tilt. The rain stung his eyes and face, it whipped up around the wheels sending a spray of water wildly up in Ed’s face. As he drove into sight of the barn he began honking the tractor horn and yelling “there’s a cow about to die”!… Stay tuned for part 2!

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