March Farmers Update

February was a month of many seasons we had some beautiful warm and sunny days and lots of rainy or cold cloudy days. On a cold, rainy day at around seven o’clock pm, we got a call that we needed to go check on some of the cows at one of the rental farms. So, several of the team loaded up and headed out into the foggy night in our good old farm truck. Once we got to the property, we switched it into four-wheel drive and went off-road. The truck tires are “old” and “smooth”, almost immediately the truck started to slide back and forth as we slowly moved forward along the little dirt (mud) road between two cattle fences. Several times the truck almost slammed into the fence posts along the way. With the gate in sight the truck mugged to a halt it was inches from the fence on one side and inches deep in mud. I climbed out opened the gate and said a prayer for safety. After a little situating the truck roared up out of the muddy road, through the gate and into the field. We all breathed a sigh of relief and laden with hay and supplements proceeded to treat the cows. We were all grateful to get home safely and out of the muggy rain! 

Heating milk to feed calves, every morning!

Some of the family took a trip to PA to share about nutrition at a conference.
Chore helper!

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