Farm Girl Note “Septembers Small Things”

Life is SO busy that it’s hard to put it into words! I could go on about the daily grind of it and make us all tired :-). But there are so many everyday surprises!  When  I see every little thing with full optimistic eyes it all changes! The boring ol’ scenery turns into beautiful sunshine and amazing reminders of our creator everywhere. The most annoying task can be transformed into a new beautiful adventure!

One morning, early this week, we welcomed a small new life to the farm. One of our heifers was unintentionally bred too early.  (The bull broke through into a pasture uninvited or unknown to us)…  So this morning, we found this small cow a mother with the tiniest little calf next to her. We brought them down to the barn for milking as usual, but this new mother was not bonding with her calf like normal.  Sometimes this happens when it is the mother’s first calf.  Because she doesn’t know what to do, she rejects her baby. So the calf was rejected and we carried it to a stall in the barn where we could take care of her (the baby calf). It has been fun to feed and take care of this tiny delicate creature! She is less than half the size of a regular calf.  When I would have to usually be wrestling and sitting on top of calves to feed them she simply stands there blinking her long eye lashes at me and drinks. What a precious reminder of innocent life this little calf is. Now this little calf and her mother are just animals. But to our farm and business they are important! The same with the lives of other humans each life matters! God knows all life, loves all life, and rules all life from the tiny people to the elderly people we are all HIS own!

Here is the little calf we named her Falin.
A beautiful sky on our way to the other property.
Feeding Falin
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Sheila, Hope, Timothy and Joshua all driving to our other farm land where a cow had escaped!:)


Unloading lots of chicken feed! John David loves to help out!


Pressing On,


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