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If you would like fresh chickens to be delivered to the Forest Farmers Market or any of the delivery sites EMAIL or Call us! (434-656-1188)

Fresh Eggs!

Our flock of nearly 400 hens just began laying we have lots of eggs now so pre-order for delivery of come pick them up here on the farm or at the farmers market!

These eggs are not like the regular eggs you get they are PASTURE raised NO SOY and NO GMO. The yolks are full of necessary trace minerals and fats!

Nutritious and Delicious!


Grass fed beef in stock!



Product Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
Chuck Roast 1 per Package 2.5lb  $8.75/lb
Shoulder Roast 1 per Package 2.5lb  $8.75/lb
Rump Roast 1 per Package 2lb  $8.75/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast 1 per Package 2.25lb  $9.50/lb
Eye of Round Roast 1 per Package 2.25lb  $10.50lb
London Broil 1 per package 2lb  $10.50/lb



GRASS fed Ground Beef: $7.25


Beef Steaks:


Product Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
T Bone 1 per pack 0.5lb  $18.00/lb
Rib eye 1 per pack 0.5lb  $19.50/lb
Sirloin 1 per pack 1lb  $16.50/lb
New York Strip 1 per pack 0.3lb $19.50/lb
Filet Mignon 1 per pack 0.4lb  $24.00/lb


All the prices are per pound

FRESH Pasture Raised Chicken with non-GMO/Soy Free Grains

Products  Per Package Av. Weight Price per Lb.
Whole Chickens 1 4.5/lbs $4.75
Leg-Thighs 4 1.1/lbs $5.60
Breast Fillets 2 .75/lbs $14.95
Breast Tenderloins 6 .75/lbs $14.95
Wings 6-8 .75/lbs $5.10
Legs or Thighs 4-6 1.5/lbs $5.60
Liver & Hearts 1/lb pack 1 lb $4.50
Stewing Hens 1 3.5-4 lbs $12/each
Back/Necks 2 2.5/lbs $3.00

Thanksgiving turkeys!

It is only the beginning of September but we are raising a small flock of turkeys now! If you would like to get one of these special turkeys you should hurry!

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you, without a doubt that is the best turkey we’ve ever had. Moist, tender and delicious.

-Customer review

Reserve Turkey

To secure your turkey we ask that you put down a $40 deposit.

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