Farm Girl Note: Farm life

The team has been staying busy on the farm this summer! Its hard to believe that we are flying through the month of August! Chores start bright and early where a team sets off to milk cows and bottle the milk, while another team loads up the old farm truck and heads out to tend to the poultry. A few hours later all the cows are milked and taken back to fresh grass, the chickens are moved to fresh grass and fed, and everything is cleaned up and put in order. Everyone heads inside where we “feed and water” the people with a hearty breakfast and Bible time. Then we disperse and work on other chores around the farm and in the house. The farm life is a lot of work but it’s such a joy!

A small school group touring the farm.
fd 2
Milking demonstration.


Helping big sister Sheila make delicious butter.
Future milk cow:-)

Until next time, Hope

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