Gifts for the Holidays

Shop at Our Father’s Farm for the Holiday!

Order from the specials below and SAVE!

Winter is just around the corner:

Beef Bone Broth Special


 – 1 Pack Soup Bones

 – 1 Knuckle

 – 2 Marrow Bones


Non GMO and No-SOY

Celebrate with: Chicken Pack


 – 1 Pack Breast

 – 1 Pack Tenders

 – 1 Pack Leg Thighs

 – 1 Pack Drumsticks

 – 1 Pack wings


Comes with our special recipe!

Chicken Super Broth Special


 – 2 Chicken Neck & Backs

 – 1 super chicken broth pack.

 That includes liver, heart,

 gizzard, and feet.


Steak Lovers



– 4 Rib-eye Steaks

– 2 T-bone Steaks

– 2 Sirloin Steaks


For the whole family:

Holiday Stock-Up


– 2 Packs Hot Dogs

– 3 Rib-eye Steaks

– 3 T-bone Steaks

– 2 Packs Ground Beef

– 1 Pack Chicken Breast & -1 Pack Tenders

– 1 Pack Drumsticks & -1 Pack Thighs

– 2 Packs Wings

– 1 London Broil or Pot Roast



Breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Sausage & Hot dog Package


– 1 Pack Hot Dogs

– 1 lb ground beef

– 1 Pack Mild Sausage links

– 1 Pack Hot Sausage links

– 1 Pack Bulk Sausage (mild or hot)



Roasts for holiday meals available! Fully stocked Pre-order!

– Chuck Roasts

– Shoulder Roast

– Rump Roast

– Sirloin Tip Roast

– Eye of Round Roast

– London Broil


What could be more perfect than a gift of healthy options?

Simply email us to get your gift certificate and bless someone you know, Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, or just for fun!


Any amount of money can be on the certificate, there is no expiration but you must show your certificate at purchase.


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