Journey Back to Health One Day Seminar

Our Father’s Farm

From Our Farm to Your Table

 CNHP Kim Fuhrmann from Our Father’s Farm will help you in  your,

Journey Back to Health

Learn about divine design and how to take personal responsibility for your health.

Join us at Our Father’s Farm on

Saturday, January 28th


Enjoy a wonderful day of learning!

A sampling of topics include: 

-Basic Physiology…

    learn how your body was designed and how you can best care for yourself     and for those you love. 

-Why, where, and how to source local, organic foods at better prices

-How to prepare these more expensive “real foods” the best most nutrient     dense ways possible

-How to care for your skin and gut with home made nature’s products

-How to make and enjoy fermented foods and condiments

-How to create a home-made natural health care kit for your family               -Learn how and when to administer home remedies and herbal first aid

-Hands on work in the kitchen… and much more.

Cost $65 which includes, the day-long seminar, a booklet of information and recipes you will learn about during the class, a brief farm tour and a lunch made from delicious natural foods from the farm so you can taste what you’ll be learning about.

Send your payment to secure a spot in this class, seats are limited.  Please make checks payable to “Our Father’s Farm” and send to the address below. Or pay using Paypal.

We look forward to seeing some of you for an exciting day of learning, tasting, seeing, and doing!


“I loved hearing Kim’s journey to healthy eating- it is empowering & filled with encouragement.  I walked away from the workshop with  knowledge, motivation and the desire to take the time to provide & prepare my best to serve my family.  I enjoyed the hands on time in the kitchen learning a new way to prepare healthy food.

Kim speaks through experience and her convictions and joy for what she shares is amazing.”

Our little store is Stocked.

Come shop on the farm or order for delivery:

Grass-Fed Beef:

– Sausage

– Hot Dogs

– Ground Beef

– Steaks

– Roasts


Pasture Raised Non GMO no Soy Poultry:

– Breasts

– Tenders

– Legs

– Thighs

– Wings

and More!

Place Order.

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