Turkey Reservation Time!

Don’t miss this chance to reserve your turkey! Reservations close June 30th 2017.

Hello loyal customers,


    This year we are making the jump to Certified Organic Feed with no-GMO’s and no Soy. As you may be aware we were already using no soy and non-gmo feed last year. It came to our attention that even though the feed was non GMO the farmers were still using Round-Up (Glyphosate) on the corn.  After making several appeals to the feed mill to push their farmers to more Organic practices failed, we decided to make the jump to Certified Organic feed.
“New Country Organics” in Waynesboro, VA is the mill providing our feed now.We started this farm to first provide healthy food for our family, and then to our customers and friends.  As we learn more about our crippled food and feed supply we continually strive to make changes that bring an end product that is unsurpassed.   You cannot find dairy and meats and eggs in stores, farm markets, and from most farms, that hold to the same high standards that we do.We value our customers very much and have a limited number of turkeys this year for customers that have standing orders with us.  We would like to continue providing you a Turkey as usual.  There has been an increase in price $7.25/lb.  We will need a $50 deposit to reserve your bird.
If you want us to raise a Turkey for you please:
2. Pay the $50 reservation by check, Credit card (by phone), or paypal (on our website prices page).

Reservations close June 30th 2017!

Reserve here!

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