A letter from your Farmers + Sale!

We are seeking ways that we can help you all through this time. See below for specials and packages we have made to assist you in stocking up and caring for your loved ones.

The number one way to navigate through a pandemic is to keep your immune system and hygiene up!

Tips for boosting your immune system:

  • Bone Broth
  • Exercise, fresh air, deep breathing!
  • Pro and Prebiotics (found in kefir and yogurt)
  • Rest and Stay Hydrated

Breakfast Of Champions

1/2 off Herd Share Purchase

Raw dairy is a wonderful source of calcium and a way to boost your body. If you are looking to join the herd or add another share on to yours now is the time. Offer ends 4/6/2020

Article on raw dairy fighting viruses

Pulled Pork Steamed Buns

Meat Stock Up

  • Beef & Chicken Bones (broth)
  • Steaks
  • Roasts
  • Sausage and Hot dogs
  • Bologna and Ground Beef
  • Immune Boosting Supplements
Order for Delivery or Pickup

10% off orders over $75

(offer through 3/31/2020)

We are grateful to be going through this time TOGETHER! and also for the knowledge we have of the creator God who knows all.

“When God is the center of a soul, although disasters may crowd in on all sides and roar like the waves of the sea, there is a constant calm within. The world can neither give nor take away this kind of peace.” – R. Leighton

Please feel free to contact us!

Phone: 434-656-1188 Email: info@ourfathersfarmva.com

Or comment below.

Video: Join us for our annual Open House / Field Day is 1 week away!

Watch the promo video for the Open House / Field day and spread the word!


Field Day Information:

Date: Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Location: Our Father’s Farm

2664 Deer View Road Gretna, VA 24557

Time: 10:00 – 3:00

Farm Tour Schedule: 1st tour at 11:00 am the 2nd tour at 2:00 pm.

Farm Tours:

    See, touch, and learn about the workings of a truly natural farm and meet your farmers and the animals they raise!  We will offer 2 farm tours during the day.  The first tour will be at 11:00 and the second will be held at 2:00. You will see and learn about the milk cows, calves, chicks, broiler chickens, laying hens, the horse, dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens!

Bonus! There will be a milking demonstration and milk samples. (even fresh ice cream if things go as planned :-)!)

At the end of each tour, Kim will take a few minutes to do a healthy eating demonstration, with yummy samples, and demo/explanation time. It is both interesting and fun for kids & adults!  (parents you won’t believe the stuff she will get your kids to try) :-)

Petting Zoo:

We will have an area as soon as you get to the farm where you can visit, pet, hold, and enjoy the animals while shopping or waiting for a farm tour!

There will be, baby calves, baby chicks, cats & kittens, dogs, PUPPIES, a horse, and more!

Raw Milk Special!

Purchase your herd share for Raw Milk at the Field Day and get it HALF OFF!

To Purchase 1 Herd Share (which is one gallon of milk weekly) is usually$100.

At the Open House / Field day, it will only be $50

and after purchasing the herd share you can have a sample of the other dairy products we provide! Yogurt, Kefir, Cream, and Butter! And coming soon…premium, real, A2A2, delicious, nutrient dense… ICE CREAM!

Farm Store and Bake Sale:

    The store will be open! Plenty of grass fed beef, fresh herb mixes for grilling and cooking (family favorites), kombucha, organic juices, raw milk cheeses from a small, certified organic, Amish dairy farm.  We will be stocked with our usual variety of other items: beauty lotion, healing salves, supplements, superfoods, Apple Cider Vinegar etc.

There will also be a BAKE SALE offering all different kinds of bread, cookies, OOEY GOOEY Cheesy Garlic rolls and more! We are experimenting with sprouted organic wheat and LOVE the results of this light and fluffy, easy to digest, nutritious bread!  Plenty of goodies to make a picnic out of or take home for later :-)  Or bring a picnic and enjoy it on the grounds.

Contact us with any questions!

Email   (434) 656-1188





Raw Grass Fed Super Foods

Fresh from our farm to your table.

Herd Shares Available!

If you meet Kim at the Forest Farmers Market this Saturday you’ll save $25 on the buy in fee for the herd share.  Current share owners who email us can receive either a free butter or yogurt sample!  See you there! 🙂 

  • We are happy to provide the best quality, most nutrient dense milk you can find.
  • There are no stores in the state of Virginia that offer this wonderful food.
  • Our milk is straight from the cow (Raw Milk)
  • Our whole herd is 100% A2A2.
  • The cows are only grass fed
  • No hormones, antibiotics, or grains.
  • As part owners of the Herd you can also enjoy butter, cream, kefir, yogurt, and in the near future ice-cream and cheese.

The cost ends up being only a few dollars more than the best quality store bought organic milk, which is pasteurized and homogenized and comes from grain fed, usually confined cows.  These practices rob you of the intended nutrients that a happy healthy cow produces.  Check out the info at the bottom.

Raw Milk Herd Share

Contact us for details!

Butter | $14  8oz tub

Kefir & Yogurt | $5 / quart

Whole Cream | $5 / pint

mercola.com “The Benefits of Raw Milk”

  • Healthy bacteria that are beneficial for your gastrointestinal tract
  • Beneficial raw fats, amino acids, and proteins in a highly bioavailable form, all 100 percent digestible
  • More than 60 digestive enzymes, growth factors, and immunoglobulins (antibodies). These enzymes are destroyed during pasteurization, making pasteurized milk harder to digest
  • Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K) in highly bioavailable forms. Also has a balanced blend of minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron) whose absorption is enhanced by live lactobacilli
  • Phosphatase, an enzyme that aids and assists in the absorption of calcium in your bones, and lipase enzyme, which helps to hydrolyze and absorb fats
  • Healthy unoxidized cholesterol
  • High amounts of omega-3 fats while being low in inflammatory omega-6

Read more and watch a video about the interesting facts on Raw Milk vs Pasturized Milk here!

Turkey Reservations: 2016

Our Father’s Farm

Fresh from our farm to your fork!
Turkeys on pasture!

Have you reserved your turkey for this year?

Thanksgiving? Christmas? Turkey sandwiches made from REAL turkey?  YUM.

All-Natural (no antibiotics  or hormones, Non-GMO and Soy Free feed.)

Pasture-Raised, TRULY free-range, happy, healthy Turkeys.

Call or e-mail to reserve your turkeys, we have a limited supply and usually sell out early!

Pricing and Pick up: $5.25/lb. The Turkeys will be between 15 and 22 pounds. Please make a $40 deposit to reserve your Turkey. You are invited to come with the family out to the farm on the Saturday before Thanksgiving from 9:00 – 12:00 to pick up your Turkey freshly cleaned and ready for cooking.  Some choose to freeze one and save it for Christmas. Some like to order “cut up turkey” and freeze the parts for future meals.  Some order a bunch because… turkey sandwiches are good.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving November the 26th from 9-12.  It’s a perfect day to bring the family out, enjoy the farm and visit the animals.  We always have fresh, yummy AND nourishing baked goods, hot cider and more!

Click here to view previous posts from pick up day!

Click here to reserve yours today!

  “I want to tell you all about how wonderful our turkey was! Thank you so much     for a moist, tender and flavorful turkey that we all loved and ate sooooo very much of! Hope your Thanksgiving Day was as wonderful as ours was because we had such a perfect turkey!”

-satisfied customer

Our Father’s Farm
2664 Deer View Rd Gretna, VA 24557

June Update, New Products and More!

Our Father’s Farm

Fresh from our farm to your table!

Healthy Eating Healthy Living Class

Saturday July 9th 2016

From 10-4

Come out and enjoy a wonderful day of learning! Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more!

The 4th of July is just around the corner!

Order fresh, delicious and nutritious foods to celebrate!

  • NEW Beef Hot dogs
  • Hamburger
  • Chicken (whole and parts)
  • Steaks and more!

2 Options for Fresh Chicken:

For years we have been supplying you with Non GMO, non soy pastured chicken. Now we are taking it a step further, by raising Organically Fed chickens. We will now supply both for you to choose from.

Whole Chickens, Wings, Legs, Thieghs, Breasts, Tenders and more.

Click here to view the Organic Chicken Pricing.

Click here to order chicken!

Fresh Eggs

It’s more than just a breakfast it’s a super food!

$4.88/dozen +tax

Beef Hot dogs and more:

We have Grass Fed:

– Ground Beef

– Roasts

– Steaks

– Beef Hot Dogs (Family favorite)

-bones for broth

and more.


Click here to view the detailed list. 

Farm Girl Note:

We’ve had a busy few weeks on the farm! It’s hard to believe that we are already well into June! This past Wednesday we processed our first batch of Organic chickens! June has brought with it some beautiful sunny weather that has been wonderful for working in. It’s always easier and more enjoyable to work in sunshine. The family has been busy, tending to cows (and new calves!), gardening, collecting eggs, moving chickens to fresh pasture, working on new projects to assist in the daily work and so much more! It is so nice to know that we are working here to raise wonderful foods for ourselves, but also for you. Thank you so much for supporting our farm and family!


Click here to view more and comment…

Farm Favorite Recipe: Featuring our Eggs and Milk!

Egg Nog

1 C Our Father’s Farm Milk

1 -2 raw egg yolks

1 tsp vanilla

1 Tb honey or maple syrup

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp each nutmeg, allspice, cloves

Blend well chill and enjoy!

Here’s a list of our drop sites, where we can bring

our products to your area!

  • Our Farm Store open Wednesday and Saturday
  • Lynchburg, Wyndhurst (Friday and Saturday)
  • Lynchburg, Cornerstone (Friday)
  • Lynchburg, Downtown (Friday)
  • Roanoke (Tuesday)
  • Westlake (Tuesday)

New Product Options!

We have a fresh supply of Grass Fed Beef!

In addition to the option of ordering individual cuts of meat, we have put together some value packages for your convenience and savings!

Your Order Can Be Picked up at:

Our Father’s Farm



Wyndhurst: Lynchburg

Cornerstone: Lynchburg

Downtown Lynchburg

First come first serve.  We have limited amounts, so be sure not to miss these great specials!

Farm House Value Packs:

Variety Pack $35.00 per 3.5 LB

Delicious steaks grilled dinner or to top a salad, along with a roast for barbaque etc!


1 Roast: chuck, london broil, or sirloin tip.

3 Steaks: Rib-eye, T-bone, New York Strip, or Sirloin.


You can personalize this package by choosing which roasts and steaks you would like!


Order Now


Bone Broth Special $20 per 7.00LB

Stock up on these nutritious bones so you can quickly make broth anytime! Grass fed beef bones are full of essential vitamins, minerals, and fats (from the marrow!)


1 Bag soup bones

1 Knuckle

1 Pack Marrow bones



Order Now


Family Pack $39.00 for 4LBs

Perfect for a grill night!  Hamburgers for the kids, and plenty to spare, while mom and dad get the deluxe steaks!  🙂  Ground beef can be seasoned as sausage, used in spaggetti sauce and many casseroles.  Delish!


3 LB Grass Fed Ground Beef

1 Rib-eye Steak

1 T-Bone Steak


Order Now


Fresh Eggs!

No Soy and Non GMO pasture raised eggs available!

Stock up now on these spring super-food eggs!


  1 Dozen $4.88


Order Now

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Not what your looking for?

You can order whatever cut meats you would like! Click here for the full lineup.

Contact Info

Our Father’s Farm
2664 Deer View Rd

Gretna, VA 24557


July Update!

Our Father’s Farm

From Our Farm to Your Table.

Issue #65
Date: July/31/15

Fresh Chicken In Stock!  NO Soy NO GMO

We just processed Thursday!

We have all cuts of chicken and beef in stock.

Pre-Order today for the Forest Market (every Saturday) or one of our Drop off sites!

Notice: All chicken prices below are per pound.


Whole Chicken
Price: ranging $16-24 each
1 Whole chicken (3-5 lbs)




Price: about $10/pack
2 breasts per pack




Price: about $10/pack
6 Per pack (Half a .lb)




Leg Thighs
Price: about $8-10/pack
4 Per pack




Price: about $5/pack
6-8 per pack


Legs & Thighs
Price: about $10/pack

NEW: Now we have legs and thighs seperated for sale!


(Thighs pictured above)

We still have some PURE GRASS FED beef!

Ground Beef.

Roasts: Chuck Roast, London Broil, Sirloin Tip, Eye of Round.

Steaks: T-Bone, Sirloin, Rib-eye, filet minion,

Our Father’s Farm
2664 Deer View Rd Gretna VA 24557
Phone: 434-656-1188