The Chance You’ve Been Waiting For!

The Chance You’ve Been Waiting For!

Our Father’s Farm Major Dairy SALE

In November only: Receive 50% off your initial herd share purchase and a free sample of one of our dairy products.

If you are already part of our program please consider referring friends and family. For each new herd share member you refer, You receive a $50 credit for our dairy.

Contact us today!


Phone: 434-656-1188

Click here to view our 10 most commonly asked questions regarding herdshares.

Thanksgiving Turkeys Reservations Open

Thanksgiving Turkeys Reservations Open

Our Turkeys:

  • Pasture Raised
  • Fed Organic Feed
  • Non-GMO and No Soy
  • Antibiotic and Hormone-free
  • Free Range
  • Raised in a stress-free environment
  • Leftover bones make delicious broth


How to reserve a turkey:

Pay the $50 reservation by check, Credit card (by phone), or paypal (on our website prices page). Our Address: 2664 Deer View Road Gretna VA 24557

Price: $7.50/lb.

– Join us –Fall fun and Turkey Pick-up day come enjoy fall on the farm. Pick-up your fresh turkey on: Saturday, November, 23rd, 2019.Time: 10-1Come to the farm the Saturday before Thanksgiving to pick up your turkey, hot apple cider, a bake sale, and specials in our farm store! Nourish Yourselves. You’re worth it! Specials on beef and chicken in our store!

7th Annual Open House / Field Day!

7th Annual Open House / Field Day!

May 4th, 2019 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Farm Tours at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm

Field Day Information:

Date: Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Location: Our Father’s Farm

2664 Deer View Road Gretna, VA 24557

Time: 10:00 – 3:00

Farm Tour Schedule: 1st tour at 11:00 am the 2nd tour at 1:00 pm.

Farm Tours
 See, touch, and learn about the workings of a truly natural farm and meet your farmers and the animals they raise. Learn homesteading skills. We will offer 2 farm tours during the day. The first tour will be at 11:00 and the second will be held at 1:00. You will see and learn about the milk cows, calves, chicks, broiler chickens, laying hens, the horse, dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens! Bonus! There will be a milking demonstration and milk + ice cream samples. At the end of each tour, Kim will take a few minutes to do a hands-on healthy living class including yummy samples and demo/explanation time. It is both interesting and fun for kids & adults! (parents you won’t believe the stuff she will get your kids to try) 🙂
Petting Zoo
We will have an area as soon as you get to the farm where you can visit, pet, hold, and enjoy the animals while shopping or waiting for a farm tour.
To see: calves, chicks, cats & kittens, dogs, puppies, a horse, and more!
Sales + Specials in Farm Store
Raw Milk Special! (Only on May 4th)
Half off initial herd share purchase! $100 $50Grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, fresh herb mixes for grilling and cooking (family favorites), kombucha, organic juices, raw milk cheeses from a small certified organic, Amish dairy farm. We will be stocked with our usual variety of other items: beauty lotion, healing salves, supplements, super-foods, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc. 

BAKE SALE offering all different kinds of bread, cookies, rolls, and more! Plenty of goodies to make a picnic out of or take home for later.
Samples & Door Prizes
There will be samples of milk, ice-cream, and hamburgers.We will be drawing names for special prizes during each tour!
For every friend who comes by your invite you will get a credit to our farm store!Spread the word and bring your friends!

Farm Update

Farm Update

We are excited to begin a new year! The first few weeks in January are always full of planning and meetings as we launch into a new year and all that it holds.

There have been some challenges the past couple of weeks. Just a reminder that farming is a continual learning process!
Cows being delivered to a homestead in North Carolina! We are enjoying these new opportunities to provide cows to others.
17 inches of beautiful snow covered the farm the week before Christmas. We all enjoyed sledding, snow ball fights, and the beauty. But it definitely does make things harder for the animals and farm chores!

Chicken 2019

Chicken 2019

Reserve your chicken for the upcoming year!

The best way to ensure you have all the “beyond organic pastured chicken” you need is to reserve it in advance:

Our Poultry:

  • Gmo and Soy free feed
  • Organic feed
  • Raised on pasture
  • Antibiotic free

We ask for a $5 deposit per bird that will be deducted from your total. You can also request your chicken to be cut up for a small additional fee.

Turkeys, Fall farm day, Specials to stock up!

Turkeys, Fall farm day, Specials to stock up!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

  • Pasture-raised, truly free-range, happy, healthy turkeys.
  • Fed Organic Feed
  • Non-Soy and No GMO and NO glyphosate!
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Leftover bones make delicious bone broth!

Hurry we only have a few left!

– Join us –

Fall fun and Turkey Pick-up day

Come enjoy fall on the farm.

  • Pick-up your fresh turkey on: Saturday November, 17th, 2018.
  • Time: 10-3
  • Come to the farm the Saturday before Thanksgiving to pick up your turkey, hot apple cider, a bake sale, and specials in our farm store! Nourish Yourselves. You’re worth it!
  • Specials on beef and chicken in our store!

– the ultimate –


Click below to view our favorite way to prepare our turkeys. This is a recipe from Kim and it creates the juiciest most delicious meal!

Farmer Note Part 2

Farmer Note Part 2

Here is the second part to: Emergency on the Farm ~By one of the Farm boys.

Click here to read part 1 if you missed it.

Continued from part one …Someone stepped out in front of the barn, “there’s a cow emergency” he shouted again. The person spun around and ran behind the barn. Knowing help was on the way Edmund made a smooth but speedy U-turn and sped back the way he had come. When he got back to the scene, the cow looked the same.

He ran to where she was lying and was soon joined by Eric who had followed in the truck. Together they began pushing and pulling trying to get her out of the ditch. After some time and with the help of the tractor the cow slid up and out of the muddy rivet. As soon as the cow was on level ground again, Eric pushed her up on her right side without difficulty. The cow looked dazed for a few seconds, but then began looking around, it will get better soon thought Edmund! “well” said Eric, “that was a close one! She would’ve been a goner if we hadn’t of got her in time.” “no Kidding” agreed Edmond as he walked back to the tractor and got on it, “that would’ve been a bad loss”! “yeah” replied Eric, heading for his truck. “well see ya later, I’m back to work.” “alright, same here” Said Edmund, he cranked up the good old tractor and rumbled off to finish his chores.

The cow was soon on her own four feet again and in a few days was none the worse for her near-death experience!

~Farm boy

John lending a hand with the chores.

Good moooorning from Swiss the cow, she is on the wrong side of the fence. 😉

Our family was blessed with some time away to the OBX!

Farm Girl update: September 2018

Farm Girl update: September 2018

 Life on the farm has been wonderful this summer! Lots of new calves, little kittens, and puppies. We are excited to announce the newest member of the Our Father’s Farm team little Brianna Kate. Josh and Maddie are excited parents and we are all thrilled grandparents, uncles, and aunties. We are so grateful for a healthy safe birth and are enjoying this adorable little bundle of joy!

Below is the first part of a true story on the farm written by one of the farm boys:


Part 1:

    One muddy, rainy winter morning, a tractor swayed through the field with two great bales of hay on it, the driver was a boy of about fourteen years of age, his name was Edmund. He was on the way to feed the last batch of family milk cows. The mud made it difficult to drive, so taking it slowly, he plowed on through the mud and rain. It took some time to get there going so slowly, but at last the cow field came in sight. As the tractor rumbled up to the fence, Edmund saw something that looked out of the ordinary… he strained his eyes to see better, then he realized that it was a cow lying on its back slightly stuck in a low part of the field. He sat up in the seat and slowed the tractor to a crawl. He detected a slight movement, the only sign of life. He needed to act quickly as he thought: “The cow may not have much longer to live!” Edmund knew the cow was too massive for him to pull out alone. So, thinking fast, he turned the tractor and headed down the narrow driveway to where the cows were milked and where he knew he could find help! As he swung onto the driveway, he jerked the throttle back setting the tractor in full tilt. The rain stung his eyes and face, it whipped up around the wheels sending a spray of water wildly up in Ed’s face. As he drove into sight of the barn he began honking the tractor horn and yelling “there’s a cow about to die”!… Stay tuned for part 2!

Turkey Reservations and Update

Turkey Reservations and Update

Our Father’s Farm Update:

Turkey Reservations open!


If you want us to raise a Turkey for you please:

Pay the $50 reservation by check, Credit card (by phone), or paypal (on our website prices page).

Click here to reserve your turkey!

Fresh grass fed Beef:

Our Father’s Farm beef:

  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Purely fed on lucious grasses

Health Benefits (doctor

  • Lower in total fat
  • High in B vitamins
  • High in Omega 3s, potassium, & minerals

Sold by the piece or get the economy family pack! Reserve a 45lb share!

Chicken available:

  • Certified organic feed
  • Non-Soy and No GMO and NO glyphosate
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Pasture raised
  • Leftover bones make Delicious bone broth
  • Wonderful health benefits.

Call or email to order!

2 available labrador puppies!

2 available labrador puppies!

We still have two males available!

Born: July 8th 2018


Puppy #7:

He is your classic lab. He loves to play, run, fetch, and nap. 🙂 He is cautious but mischievous and enjoys getting wet. He plays constantly with his other doggy friends and is adored by all the kids.

$675 with limited registration.


Puppy #4:

This puppy has one of the most adorable layed back personalities ever! Some of nick named him chunky, for his strong build. He has a lazy side but also loves to play! He will make an amazing, hunter, family pet, or companion.

$675 with Limited AKC registration.

Black Lab Puppies Available!

Black Lab Puppies Available!

We have two beautiful Black Male Puppies Available!

#7 Black Male: He is a fun loving adorable puppy. Healthy and happy, he loves playing with his siblings and eating.


#4 Black Male: Is an adorable teddy bear! He has an adorable personality and loves playing with us.


A Lab Puppy from Our Father’s Farm is a friend you will cherish for years. Labrador Retrievers have an enduring reputation for gentle temperament, ease of handling and training, intelligence and loyalty. They are truly the perfect family pet!

We breed for quality in health and not quantity of puppies.

We raise our dogs and allow them to have puppies because we love and need them and want to share them with others. Dogs raised in a loving environment, well socialized with all ages of people and animals are rare today. Another wonderful thing is that our puppies stay with their mothers for at least 8 weeks of nursing. Their weaning process starts naturally using raw cows milk, meat, eggs and other of our beyond organic fresh farm foods. Our local vet does our new puppy checks and says that they are some of the healthiest pets she has ever seen.  Another customer commented, a year after purchasing one of our pups,  that a friend of his had a lab the same age which had been dealing with all kinds of health issues, but his puppy was in perfect health.    It is well known that the diet and upbringing any creature experiences from birth through childhood makes a life time difference in the health and immune system of the adult! We believe this very strongly and at Our Father’s Farm we seek to mimic the way things were divinely designed to function. We have been doing what we do for almost 7 years now and have seen the fruit of hard labor again and again as we observe and enjoy superior health in the animals on the farm.

Reserve your puppy! The puppies are $995 ready to go home on 9/1/18

Click here!

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Photos: 6th Annual Open House / Field Day.

Photos: 6th Annual Open House / Field Day.

Thank you to all of you that came out to the farm. We had a wonderful day!

This year we added a special drawing at each stop on the farm tour, delicious samples of cheese, meat sticks, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, ice-cream and more. We were excited to celebrate 10 years of farming as well!

We are grateful for our team of helpers this year! Thank you all for your hard work in making the day possible!

Specials at the Open House / Field Day!

Specials at the Open House / Field Day!

Join us for our 6th Annual Open House / Field Day!

Come out and visit the farm. See how it works, enjoy the animals have a bit of country time with your family and friends! Make it out for a farm tour and view the entire farm life. Milk the cow, hold little baby chicks, pet cows, and feel the coarse mane of a horse. You can collect fresh eggs straight from the chicken house, snuggle puppies and kittens and more!

We have lots of exciting sales, taste testings, and more planned for this years Field day and Special 10th anniversary of farming. Click here for more details.

Below are details of special products we will have available. Don’t miss it!

Breakfast Of Champions

Grillers Package

  • 1 Pack Beef Sausage (medium or hot)
  • 1 Pack Beef Hot Dogs
  • 1 Pack Beef Kielbasa
  • 1 Pound Ground Beef


Pulled Pork Steamed Buns

Steak Lovers

  • 4 Rib-Eye Steaks
  • 2 T-bone Steaks
  • 2 Sirloin Steaks


Breakfast Of Champions

Deluxe Package

  • 1 Whole Chicken
  • 1 Chuck Roast
  • 1 Pound Ground Beef


Pulled Pork Steamed Buns

Family Package

  • 1 Chicken
  • 1 London Broil Roast
  • 2 Ribeye Steaks
  • 2 Lb Stew Beef



  • Healing herbal salves
  • Delicious herb mixes
  • Ranch mix
  • A2A2 Raw Cheese
  • Eggs pasture raised, non soy & no gmo!


Special on Herd Share!

  • Raw Spring Butter
  • Cream Cheese
  • Ice-cream
  • Yogurt and Kefir


Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs:

  • Free Range Hens
  • Certified Organic Feed
  • Non Soy and NO GMO

And more!