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Our Father’s Farm

Fresh from our farm to your table.

Fresh Chicken and Lots of Grass Fed Beef!

Try one (or a couple) of our September specials.  Check out our website for recipes… or come by and talk to Kim at the Forest Farmer’s Market and she’ll tell you how to cook up all this goodness 🙂  Any of the Packages below can be delivered to any of our sites or brought to the market Saturday! First Time Pre Order customers get 10% off!

Our Commitment

Our Father’s Farm animals are raised naturally, on lush grass pasture ensuring the most nourishing, best tasting food around.  We subscribe to natural old time farming techniques that cultures have used for generations around the world.  We don’t use hormones, animal by-products, synthetic chemicals, or antibiotics.

All of our products at Our Father’s Farm are hormone, antibiotic, and chemical free.  We raise the animals naturally, giving them an environment which allows them to live the way they were created to live and grow.  Thank you for your support over the years!  God has used you wonderful customers to help our family “live this dream”.  This is very hard, not super profitable work when you look at it on paper, but seeing your faces and knowing that we’re serving you and your families makes all the sweat and effort so worth it!  We also don’t take for granted that we are blessed to eat like kings 🙂 Happy to help you do the same!!!  Enjoy the specials! Also… freshly processed chickens whole, breasts, tenders, legs, thighs, wings… and enough beef to make us all happy. 🙂

Special Packages so you to save!

Cook out Special!

4 Rib-eyes

4 T-bones

1 Pack Hot Dogs


Grill Lovers

1 lb Ground Beef

1 Pack Hot Dogs

4 Rib-eyes


Sausage Lover

2 Hot Sausage (packs)

2 Mild Sausage (packs)

2 Hot Dog (packs)


Family Specials. Save!

8-12 Family Dinners Pack.

2 Packs Chicken Breast

1 Whole Chicken

1 Chuck Roast

1 Sirloin Tip Roast

2 lbs Ground Beef

4 Packs Chicken Wings


Family Dinner Pack Option 2.

1 pack hot dogs

1 chuck roast (pot roast or stew)

1 Sirloin tip (Beef Stroganoff, wrap filling mexi or barbeque, roast beef)

3 lb burger

1 bone broth special (use with the roast meats to make delicious stews, barbeque, and rice or quinoa dishes)  (the words in parentheses are ideas of all the yummy things you can make with these items! 🙂



Our Father’s Farm and The Fuhrmann Family.



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