Grass-Fed Beef + Turkey Reservations

Purely Grass-Fed Beef


Pasture Raised Turkeys

Grass-Fed Beef Available stock up before winter!

Our Father’s Farm Beef:

  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Purely fed on lushes grasses

Health Benefits (doctor

  • Lower in total fat
  • High in B vitamins
  • High in Omega 3s, potassium, & minerals

Thanksgiving Turkeys:

Our Father’s Farm Turkeys:

  • Pasture raised
  • Certified Organic Feed
  • Soy Free & Non GMO
  • No antibiotics or medications
  • Raised outside in a fresh & clean area

Price per pound $7.50. Deposit is $50

Your fresh turkey(s) will be available for you to pickup Saturday November 18th more details to follow.

Customer Review:

“I want to tell you all about how wonderful our turkey was! Thank you so much for a moist, tender and flavorful turkey that we all loved and ate sooooo very much of! Hope your Thanksgiving Day was as wonderful as ours was because we had such a perfect turkey!”

Thank you for supporting your local family farm ~The Fuhrmann Family

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