Prices & Ordering

Pasture Raised Eggs with Non-GMO/Soy Free Grains USDA Certified Organic Feed
Product Packaging   Price per
Country Brown Eggs 1 dozen Large  $7.32/dz
Pasture Raised Poultry with non-GMO/Soy Free Grains USDA certified Organic Feed
Product Packaging Average Weight Average price
Whole Broiler Chicken Cleaned ready to cook Whole 3.5 to 4lb Organic $25-$29
Reservation & Deposit Required     $5 per bird
Chicken cut up fee     $3 per bird
Thanksgiving Turkey, Pasture Raised USDA certified Organic feed
Product Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
$50 to reserve Whole 16-20lbs  $8.25/lb
Grass Fed Beef
Product Packaging Average Weight Price per pound 
45lb Share of Beef Variety Box 45 LB box  $9.75/lb
Ground Beef      
Grass Feb Only Package 1 lb  $8.50/lb
Beef Roasts      
Chuck Roast Package 2.5lb  $8.75/lb
Shoulder Roast Package 2.5lb  $8.75/lb
Rump Roast Package 2lb  $8.75/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast Package 2.25lb  $9.50/lb
Eye of Round Roast Package 2.25lb  $10.50lb
London Broil Package 2lb  $10.50/lb
Beef Hot Dogs  Package    
Beef Steaks      
T Bone 1 per pack 0.5lb  $18.00/lb
Rib eye 1 per pack 0.5lb  $19.50/lb
Sirloin 1 per pack 1lb  $16.50/lb
New York Strip 1 per pack 0.3lb 19.50/lb
Filet Mignon 1 per pack 0.4lb  $24.00/lb
 Kilbassa  Package    
Stew Meat (boneless) Package 1.3lb  $8.00/lb
Beef Liver (Sliced) Package 1lb  $7.50/lb
Short Ribs Package 2lb  $7.00/lb
Osso Bucco Package 1.25lb  $7.00/lb
Marrow Bone (femer) or Knuckle Package 0.5lb $4.50/lb
Soup Bones Package 2.5lb  $3.50/lb
Bone Broth Special Package   $16
Tongue Package    $5.50/lb
Heart Package    $4.50/lb
Oxtail      $6.50/lb
Dairy Products for Herd Share owners only.
  Packaging Quantity Labor Fee (no tax on labor)
Raw Milk Through our Herd Shares $100/share 1 Share 1 gal/wk $50*/month A2A2
Yogurt Glass Jar 1 Quart  $5/qt
Butter Tub 1/2 lb  $14
Kefir Glass Jar 1 Quart  $5/qt
Fresh Cream Glass Jar 1pt  $5/pt
Butter Milk Sweet Glass Jar 1 Quart  $5/qt
Freshly Baked Goods
Honey Whole Wheat Loaf   $6.50
Harvest Nut Bread Loaf   $6.95
Multi Grain Bread Loaf   $6.75
Ezekiel 4:9 Loaf Snack Loaf $4.00 each $4.00
Snack Cakes      
Carrot/pineapple Snack Loaf $4.00 ea $4.00
Pumpkin Spice Snack Loaf $4.00 ea $4.00
Apple Gingerbread Snack Loaf $4.00 ea $4.00

*20% discount on monthly boarding when you pick up at the farm.