At Our Father’s Farm, we first strive to raise faithful, responsible, and mature young people, who will be useful for their Master’s service.  After being in Africa for 7 years we saw that the farm was a great place to do this.  Our Father’s Farm animals are raised naturally, on lush grass pasture ensuring the healthiest, best-tasting food around.  We subscribe to natural old-time farming techniques that cultures have used for generations around the world.  We don’t use hormones, animal by-products, synthetic chemicals, or antibiotics.

 All of our products at Our Father’s Farm are hormone, antibiotic, and chemical-free.  We raise the animals naturally, giving them an environment that allows them to live the way they were created to live and grow.  Four generations work together at Our Father’s Farm to help provide the most high-quality products for your family. We are grateful for your support, together we are building a better future.